5 tips to stop procrastinating

Do you recognize this? You want to complete a lot of tasks and at the end of the day you basically did none of them. Where did your time go? I sometimes have one of those days were I procrastinate. Here are my top five tips to stop procrastinating and start competing tasks!

Tip 1
Plan out your day on paper or in your planner. I find that when I write down the tasks I need to do and plan them into my daily schedule or planner, I’m much more likely to complete them. It makes me more productive and I can check off tasks when I completed them.

Tip 2
Break up bigger tasks into smaller once. The number one reason I usually start procrastinating is when I tasks seem really big or when I have so many I don’t know where to start. It helps me to break up the bigger tasks into smaller once, so I know where to start.

Tip 3
Give yourself specific timeframes to relax in between tasks. This is usually helping me a lot during studying. I set myself a goal to for example spend the next 50 minutes on tasks or studying. After those 50 minutes I can relax for 10 minutes. Make a new cup of tea, watch a YouTube video, anything that’s not related to the tasks I’m doing or studying.

Tip 4
Start with a task you know you can do or you find the easiest. Some people want to start with the hardest task or the most boring one. I like to alternate and always start with an easy or fun one. This gets me into the ‘mood’ of completing tasks and being productive. After that I usually can complete harder or boring tasks quicker and easier.

Tip 5
Don’t allow yourself on any electronic devices during your tasks especially when it involves studying. If you have to study on your laptop or Ipad just turn off the Wi-Fi. Mobile phone or the Internet is a big distractor for me. Whenever I really need to study I put my phone on silence in another room. This really helps me to not look at my phone every other minute and being distracted.

Do you have any other tips to stop procrastinating? Let me know in the comments below!

xoxo Annaleid

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  1. This is so helpful. I need these tips so much… I’m actually procrastinating right now😂 My phone just sucks me in like a blackhole and before I know it 2 hours have passed. I already write some things down but I’m definitely gonna try some of your other tips!


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