August exiting new discoveries

August exiting new discoveries

Can you believe it is already the beginning of September?! This means I would like to start a new series, where I share my favourite new discoveries of the month. Of course I would like to start with my favourite discoveries of August. This month I have some really exiting beauty and skincare discoveries to share with you. Along with two of my favourite books that I’ve discovered this month. There are a couple of products that were kindly send to me just to try. I want to quickly say that this post is not sponsored. I really just love these products and wanted to mention them!



My first new discovery is the all hyped up L’oreal Paradise Ecstatic mascara. Before it was even available in The Netherlands I’ve heard so many Youtubers and bloggers talk about this new L’oreal mascara. Some of them compared it to the Two Faced Better than sex mascara, but sadly we can’t get hold of Two Faced here in Holland. So I can’t tell you if thats true, but what I can tell you is that this mascara is amazing! The brush is has a lot of product on it, but strangely it doesn’t make your lashes look clumpy. It gives a lot of volume and length to your lashes and the best thing is it doesn’t move at all. It even makes it through my gymnastics practice without transferring under my eyes!

My second exiting makeup discovery of this month is the Minerale Mosaic Pressed Blush, which I was kindly send by Emani Cosmetics to try. First of all lets talk about the packaging of these products, which in my opinionΒ is stunning! The color of this blush is very vibrant and already looks amazing inside the pan. Just a quick warning it’s very pigmented, which is really positive! You just have to know it before applying, so you use a light hand. It’s a really beautiful pink color with a beautiful gold sheen. When you apply the blush it gives you a really healthy color and the gold sheen gives you a nice healthy glow. This blush is definitely not glittery, which I think is a pro. You could also apply this higher up towards the top of your cheek bones to use it as a highlighter. This way it’s a two in one product!


The three exiting skincare discoveries are all from Dr. Spiller, who kindly sent me a lot of samples to try. So expect some more Dr. Spiller products in next months exiting new discoveries! The first couple of samples that I tries were al from their Sensicura range and I really fell in love with the Tonic, Serum and Intensive Cream. The Sensicura Tonic is one of the few toners that didn’t dry out my skin, which is quite amazing. It makes my skin feel very clean and like I said not dry at all! The serum is amazing, really hydrating and sinks into the skin almost immediately. This doesn’t leave your skin feeling sticky at all and also important it has a really nice subtile scent.

Last but not least is the Intensive Cream, which I used as a moisturiser at night time. During the summer this cream is to thick for me to use as a day cream, but during the winter I think my skin would love this during the day. The Intensive cream really does what it’s name suggests! Whenever I use this in the evening I wake up with a really soft and moisturised skin! You can see how much I’ve loved the intensive cream, because the packaging is all battered and the text has rubbed off.



There are two books that I discovered during this month. The first one you could find all over instagram, pinterest, youtube, you name it. You probably already guessed it.. It’s #Girlboss by Sophia Amoruse! Which is such a motivating and inspiring book to read. Every time I finished reading a part I felt so motivated and ready to start doing something. Sophia wrote this book in a inspiring way with a lot of humor, while she tells you all about here road towards making here business successful.

The second book I would like to talk about is not the average reading book and it’s called “999 vragen aan jezelf“. Translated in English it would be something like “999 questions to ask yourself”, which are literally 999 questions in a book. I really like to answer a page of these questions each night before I go to sleep. The questions in this book are quite all over the place, with all kind of answer possibilities like multi per choice questions, open ended questions, 1 to 10 point scale questions and so much more. I love this way of getting to know yourself better through answering about 1000 questions. I also know that I’m going to love reading all the answers back in about a year and see if my opinion/answers would change.



I hope you loved reading my exiting new discoveries of the month of August. I really liked writing this post and I’m planning on continuing these in the future. Let me know in the comments below if you had any exiting new discoveries and what you think of my new signature!


signature, xoxo Annaleid, Actually Anna





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