Actually Anna Christmas Countdown Day 11: Christmas Tag

Christmas tag

Yesterday I was tagged by Leilani from MacquillageWithLeilani to do this Christmas Tag. I really love this tag, because I can tell you a bit more about my Christmas favourites and traditions.


What to do when you’re tagged

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The questions

What is the traditional Christmas Dinner in your household? It’s cheese fondue. 

Have you ever bought a present for someone else and then kept it for yourself? No I haven’t.

Favourite Christmas song? I’ll have to say All I want for Christmas (Mariah Carey) and Last Christmas (Wham!)

Favourite part of Christmas? Being on a skiing holiday with my family and spending time with them. 

Would you prefer Christmas in the winter or summer? I think I’d prefer winter, because I’m used to celebrating Christmas during the winter. 

Christmas or New Years? That’s a tough one! I love both, because to me it means spending time with family and friends. Though, I think I prefer Christmas over New Year. During Christmas we have more traditions, which makes it feel extra special. 

Do you like Christmas Jumpers? Yes, definitely! Although, I don’t have one yet to wear this Christmas. 

Do you still get excited for Christmas Day? Since we don’t celebrate Christmas with gifts under the tree, I still get equally excited as when I was little. (We celebrate Sinterklaas with gifts on Sinterklaas evening). 

Favourite Christmas film? Ohhhh another tough one! I have to say home alone as the traditional Christmas movie. Though I think The Holiday and Harry Potter also have special Christmas vibes in my opinion.

Did you/Do you believe in Santa? No I never did, because I believed in SInterklaas (A Dutch tradition).

Do you enjoy wrapping presents? Yes, I do love wrapping presents and making them all pretty!

Favourite colour Christmas Tree? Green?! Is there any other Christmas three color?


I nominate…

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I hope you liked reading about my Christmas favourites and traditions! And again thank you so much for tagging me Leilani.

signature, xoxo Annaleid, Actually Anna

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