Actually Anna Christmas Countdown Day 10: Wrapping up the first week of blogmas

one week of blogmas

My first full week of my first ever blogmas is already over. I can’t believe how fast the first week (10 days) have gone by. Before December started I have worried a lot about blogmas and if I should really do it. I’m honestly so glad I joined and I really love ending each day with writing a blogpost.

Today also was the first proper day of snow in The Netherlands and I’ve seen lots of vlogs from other countries with snow too! This really makes me feel festive and cosy. Well, unless I have to cycle through the slush (melting snow) and get soaking wet. At the moment I’m sitting on the couch with a blanket. The radiators, candles and cosy lights are on, while I ย watch the World Cup speed skating in Salt Lake City. This really would be a typical cosy winter day for me and are the once that I remember most from my childhood.

After I finished my thesis last week (which was about speed skating) I thought I couldn’t see any speed skating for a while. Though, the opposite is true I still love watching it! This winter it will be the first winter since I had my ACL surgery I can do speed skating again myself. I’m so looking forward to the moment I’m going to step on the ice again.

As I already mentioned at the beginning of this post I was worrying a lot about blogmas before December started. I didn’t have much time to prepare any of the content (actually no time at all), which I why I worried about it so much. During November I finally submitted my thesis, which I spend most of my time on during November. I also had another course at uni, which I had to keep up with. Besides all the worrying I love blogging every day! Because of the lack of preparation for blogmas, I now have to write a post at the end of every day. This is now part of my routine and I love doing this! And I still prepare in the sense of making pictures or filming videos (yes they are coming too!). I hope that you really like the posts that went online during the first 10 days and I have some great ones coming up!

A bit of a more rambling and personal post today, but I hope you like it! What does your favourite and cosy winter day look like?

signature, xoxo Annaleid, Actually Anna

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