Review | Sally Hansen Color Therapy Nail Polish

Review | Sally Hansen Color Therapy Nail Polish

I recently bought the Sally Hansen Color Therapy nail polish and Color Therapy topcoat. Usually I don’t spend a lot of money on nail polishes, but they always tend to chip right after I painted my nails. When I saw this nail polish was in store I thought why not try it out!

Sally Hansen Color Therapy nail polish promises, according to their website, to care your nails while you wear the polish. It doesn’t require a base coat, because the polish is infused with an argan oil formula. The special Color Therapy topcoat is also infused with argan oil and promises to extend the wear of your polish.

I have to be honest.. I’m always a bit sceptical when nail polishes say they have a chip resistance wear. This time I thought I’ll give it a try and see how it goes. And I have to be honest again… I was amazed by the longevity of this polish! Most nail polishes I use feel very thin on your nails and become very hard. It’s quite hard to explain, but this polish stays a bit like rubber. Though you can’t pinch it with your nails when it’s dried up, it doesn’t become as solid as moest nail polishes. I think this is why it doesn’t chip that easy. The polish lasted on my nails for at least a week without chipping! Which for me is amazing!Β For anyone whose wondering I have the shade 190 Blushed Petal, which is a stunning nude with a pink undertone.

I’m curious to find out your experience with this nail polish! Please leave your thoughts in the comments below.

xoxo Annaleid


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