Breast Cancer Awareness Month

breast cancer awareness, borstkanker, pink ribbon

According to the Dutch Pink Ribbon foundation 1 out of 7 woman is diagnosed with breast cancer. Therefore every year the whole month of October is dedicated to getting more awareness towards breast cancer. A lot of brands launch special products which donate a percentage of the profit towards the breast cancer research. All the […]

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Autumn Winter skincare changes

skincare, autumn, winter, changes

I always notice that during the colder months my skin needs a little something extra. It’s just dry and quickly irritated, which is something I don’t want to happen. Therefore, I always change something in my skincare routine during the end of September or the beginning of October. This year I have some amazing products […]

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A weekend of outdoor climbing

berdorf, climbing, rock climbing, luxembourgh

Berdorf is a beautiful area in Luxembourg just about four hours driving south-east from Amsterdam. It’s a perfect place to go rock climbing for a couple of days, which is just what I did two weeks ago. The only thing you have to get lucky with is the weather, but besides that going there is […]

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How to deal with the pressure of numbers

number, followers, instagram, frustrations

It could be that after reading the title of this post you have absolutely no clue what I’m going to talk about today. The pressure of numbers could basically mean anything. I could talk about the pressure I felt in high school during maths or the pressure of number considering followers. If you thought I […]

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How I edit my instagram pictures

Whenever I’m on instagram looking at other peoples pictures I always wonder how they edit their pictures. So when I was thinking this I thought well you might think the same when you see my instagram pictures. That’s why today I’m going to tell you how I edit my instagram pictures.  VSCO First I would […]

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Brand review | Simple

Ever since I started watching UK beauty Youtubers I’ve heard them talk about Simple. I’ve heard so many good things about the brand, so when it finally launched in The Netherlands I was so excited. They are available in Boots and Superdrug in the UK, but now they are also available in Kruidvat! The products […]

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August exciting new discoveries

discoveries, august, exciting

I just saw that I haven’t done an exciting new discoveries post since May this year! I know it has been a long time and a lot has happened since. If you follow my blog you know that since then I graduated, got a job/work at a bank 40 hours a week. So I thought […]

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Combining a full time job with staying fit

staying fit, combining, full time job

When you’re working 40 hours a week it’s hard to also exercise and plan social activities outside of work. Combining the two (or even the three) was hard for me at first, but now I discovered the things that work for me and for my body. So I really want to share these with you […]

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Top 3 things to do when visiting Dublin

Dublin, one day, what to do

A couple of weeks ago my boyfriend and I were in Belfast, which I already wrote a blogpost about! What we also did during that week was took a coach up to Dublin and visit the city for a day. Taking a coach towards Dublin was very easy and it took about two hours to […]

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