Coffee talk: The Curio App

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*This post is sponsored by  A couple of weeks ago I got in touch with the makers of an app called Curio. Immediately I was very intrigued by the concept of this app, because to me this was a completely new and different concept. It’s a perfect app if you’re constantly on the move […]

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Coffee talk: Dairy and nut allergies

coffee talk, allergies, dairy, lactose, tree nuts

In my latest instagram stories I unboxed my Holland and Barrett probiotics and the Jake Vitamin bars. So I asked you if you wanted to see more food related posts on my blog and a lot of you said yes. This is how the subject for my second coffee talk post was born. Before I […]

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Graduation and new upload schedule

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As you might already know I graduated from VU Amsterdam university with a Master of Science back in July. Today I had my graduation ceremony and I finally got my master literally in my pocket. Some of you might think:  where is your cap and gown (that’s how you call that right?!)? But here in […]

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A Weleda shower gel for every occasion

weleda, shower gel, different occasions

All Weleda shower gels have different scents, which serve different purposes! There was a comment on one of my latest instagram posts, asking for more reviews on the Weleda shower gels. Since I’m a Weleda Ambassador, I’ve had the privilege to try out all the Weleda scents during the scent workshop we had at their […]

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Undiscovered Amsterdam with Strawberry tours

When Envy Fisher from Lost in Translation asked me to join her in this Blogger edition of the Undiscovered Amsterdam walking tour I didn’t hesitate to say yes. Although I live in Amsterdam myself it’s always very nice to see the city from a different perspective. This time … a tourist perspective, but as the […]

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Breast Cancer Awareness Month

breast cancer awareness, borstkanker, pink ribbon

According to the Dutch Pink Ribbon foundation 1 out of 7 woman is diagnosed with breast cancer. Therefore every year the whole month of October is dedicated to getting more awareness towards breast cancer. A lot of brands launch special products which donate a percentage of the profit towards the breast cancer research. All the […]

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Autumn Winter skincare changes

skincare, autumn, winter, changes

I always notice that during the colder months my skin needs a little something extra. It’s just dry and quickly irritated, which is something I don’t want to happen. Therefore, I always change something in my skincare routine during the end of September or the beginning of October. This year I have some amazing products […]

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