10 things you should know before attending London Fashion Week

girl walking the runway with a dog during London Fashion week

If you haven’t seen my vlog about London Fashion Week please do, but maybe after reading this blogpost. This year was my first year at London Fashion Week. If you are thinking about going to fashion week and attending some fashion shows this blogpost can definitely help you out. Yes I was nervous for my first event and yes I’ve learned so many things during those 5 days. So I hope this blogpost can help you not to get overwhelmed and have a ‘relaxed’ fashion week. 

  1. Bring an extra bag with flats! You might think it’s silly to bring an extra maybe not so fashionable bag with you so you can carry around your flats. Let me tell you it’s not!
  2. Don’t print your tickets on A4! Many people I spoke to printed their ticket on paper during their first fashion week. If they sent you the tickets via the email it’s perfectly fine to show them the tickets on your phone.
  3. You have to queue for everything! Every fashion-show you attend you probably have to queue. Unless you have a special ticket, which allows you to skip the queue. Otherwise there’s a lot of queuing!
  4. This brings me to my next point, there’s no fashion show that starts on time. I don’t think there was a fashion show this week that started at exactly the time that was on the invite.
  5. Download an app like citymapper or google maps, because you’ll need it. Shows run late and you need to be in time for your next show. Citymapper or google maps will guide you through the city during fashion week.
  6. Don’t forget your business cards. I forgot my business cards during my first London Fashion Week. Luckily a printshop around the corner was so helpful and printed of 30 business cards for me!
  7. Try to get into the afterparties. Even if you don’t have a ticket you can still try to get into the after parties. Most of the time guest on the guest list have a +1, which means that they can take you inside if you don’t have a ticket. Afterparties are amazing for networking as they are usually at the end of the day after all the shows, so people have actually time to talk to each other.
  8. Make a spreadsheet. After a couple of days you probably ended up with a hand full of business cards and instagram screenshots on your phone. In a month time you also don’t know who’s who and does what. So make sure that you create your own way of remembering this. Mine is creating a spreadsheet. 
  9. You don’t always have a seat during the fashion shows. Yes I also didn’t know this, but it’s very common that there are not enough seats for everyone. So if you are attending Fashion Week for the first time you probably have to stand behind everyone that has a seat. Although you probably have to stand during the show remember it’s amazing that you’re even invited. Believe me the experience is amazing!
  10. Try to get into as many events as you can. I think the same holds for trying to get into after parties as to get into as many events as you can. During fashion week you get to know lots of people that also know lots of people, so there is a change that the people you meet can get you on a guest list. This is a very common thing to do, so if you can get on a guest list do it

I hope this post is going to help you through your first fashion week. And don’t get me wrong it’s amazing to go to London Fashion Week, but this post is just to prepare you a little bit for what’s coming at you! Have you been to fashion week? Tell me about your experience !

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