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A couple of years ago I came into contact with the brand Simple. Back then it was only sold in the UK, so whenever I visited the UK I would take some products with me. When I wrote the Is simple is a good brand? blog post, I was very happy to announce Simple had made its way into our drugstores here in The Netherlands. From there on the brand kept expanding its range. When I strolled through the nearby drugstore recently I noticed a new range of Simple skincare products: the hydrating range.

As you know I have dry sensitive skin, so I’m always up for trying new Simple skincare products for dry skin. As I mentioned in my previous post I’ve already tried Simple face wipes, makeup remover, face mask, and simple cleanser. All from the Simple Kind to Skin range. So if you want a more in-depth review of those products, head over to my previous blog post about reviews on simple skincare products.

They want to spread the mission: being kind to the skin, hence their first line being called kind to skin.

Simple Skincare

Simple skincare

The ethos behind the brand is actually already in the name: Simple skincare. And I really feel like they accomplished their mission. They want to spread the mission: being kind to the skin, hence their first line being called kind to skin. Therefore they have a while NOs list, with ingredients that aren’t in their products. For example No artificial perfumes, alcohol, chemicals, soap, no harsh chemicals, and many more ingredients. They also make a lot of steps to their kind to planet goal, with more circular products. All the Simple skincare bottles and tubes are fully recyclable and the bottles are made with recycled plastic. This way their products are not the only kind to skin, but also kind to the planet.

Different kind of simple skincare products

As I already mentioned Simple is rapidly expanding its skincare range. Therefore I thought It would be nice if I also try to guide you a bit through all the different product lines and when to use them.

1) Kind to Skin: this is one of the first product lines Simple launched and is made for normal skin.
2) Daily skin Detox: This is one of the newer product lines and is made for oily or acne-prone skin.
3) Protect ‘n Glow: A skincare line made for dull and tired-looking skin.
4) Water Boost: Made to hydrate dry and sensitive skin.

All the ranges include a simple cleanser or simple facial wash. A lot of the ranges also have a simple moisturizer and products tailored to the specific lines.

Simple Water Boost

Today I’m going to do a simple products review on the Water Boost line. This is a new line made for dry and sensitive skin, so it sounds like my skin is going to love it. Let me know if you want more information about the simple products for acne or simple products for oily skin because I’m also very intrigued by the Daily skin Detox line! In this review, I’ve included two products out of the many within the Water Boost line. The full product line includes Simple face wash, Hydrating gel cream, eye mask, face wipes, simple skin micellar water, sheet mask, and a ticker more hydrating night cream. In this review, I’m going to talk about the cleanser and the gel cream.
I chose these two products because they are in my opinion the basis of a skincare routine. If you’re looking for a pamper routine or at-home facial products, Simple also has some sheet masks, serum products, and cleansing wipes!

Simple micellar facial gel wash

I’ve been trying the Simple micellar gel wash from the Water Boost collection for the last couple of weeks. The consistency of this cleanser is more on a gel-based side and foams up when you apply it on wet skin. This is perfect for me since I use the Foreo Luna 2 to cleanse my skin. The ingredients are targeted towards moisturizing the skin with plant-derived petavitin and plant-derived prebiotics. These two ingredients together make this cleanser very rich and moisturizing for the skin. If you’ve been reading my blogs for a while I always test a cleanser on the stripping effect. This cleanser doesn’t leave my skin feeling stripped or dehydrated, so it passed the test. I also find this cleanser very affordable for its quality, which is my opinion towards all the Simple products I’ve tried so far! You might remember a very old post about hydrating cleansers including the moisturizing cleanser from the kind to skin range. I would say this one is even more moisturizing than the one I mentioned in the older blog post.

Simple Hydrating Gel Cream

The second product I’ve tried is the Simple Hydrating Gel Cream, which is a gel-based moisturizer perfect for during the day. It’s a very light yet moisturizing gel cream, which I find quite rare. Usually, the gel-based moisturizers are not that moisturizing at all, while this one is really rich yet has a very lightweight consistency. This moisturizer is infused with minerals and plant extracts. I’ve really enjoyed using this moisturizer and putting it through the test. It sits really well underneath my makeup and isn’t clogging my pores. And again as I already mentioned when talking about the cleanser, this moisturizer is also very affordable for the quality you get!

Simple skincare review

I think there are no simple products that are going to disappoint me and certainly not this new Water Boost line! I find it amazing how they managed to get a balance between affordability and quality. Also, the products are very basic, which makes them suitable for so many skin types. And if you’re suffering from acne sometimes the most simple products do the job. I also love the fact that they have a whole NOs list, with ingredients they don’t use in their products so they are not the only kind to skin but also kind to the planet!

Where is simple skincare sold?

Simple skincare is sold in The Netherlands at Kruidvat or Lookfantastic NL. In the UK you can shop at Lookfantastic UK or Boots and in the US you can buy Simple Skincare at Target or Lookfantastic International.

Have you tried any of the new Simple products yet? Or do you have any other skincare tips? Let me know in the comments below!

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  1. leontien
    June 10, 2021 / 12:46 pm

    Ik vind het een top merk en ga ook de gel cream uitproberen 🙂 xxx

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