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It’s that time of the year again. Maybe you’ve been very prepared and planned out all your Christmas shopping already. Or you’ve left it to the last minute. Which type of Christmas gift shopper are you? If you need a little bit of inspiration for your Christmas gifts this year, don’t worry I got you covered. In this 2021 Ultimate Christmas Gift Guide, there’s a gift for everyone and for every budget.

We’ll start talking about some stocking fillers, which will all be under 20 euros. Then I’ll touch upon the – in my opinion – best sustainable gifts this year. I’ll also share some self-care gifts if the person you’re buying for is into personal growth and self-care. And last but not least the luxurious gifts. If this isn’t enough inspo don’t forget to check out my gift guides from the last couple of years. Starting with My Christmas wish list for stocking fillers from last year. Or there is the Beauty Talk: Makeup and Skincare Christmas Gift Guide or the Beauty Talk: Everything except makeup and skincare Christmas gift guide from 2018.

2021 Ultimate Christmas Gift Guide

The Stocking Fillers – Under 20 euros

Starting with the stocking fillers I want to share with you. First up are the soaps from Blacktree Naturals. I’ve shared a post on my Instagram about this brand last week. For full transparency, I worked with this brand on my Instagram, this mention isn’t part of the collaboration. Nevertheless, I would highly recommend – if the person you’re buying for is into natural soaps – to buy a solid soap or liquid soap from Blacktree Naturals. First of all, they smell amazing! And secondly, all their soaps contain olive oil, which is a very moisturizing ingredient. So perfect for dry winter skin if you ask me! Olive oil is also great if you’re suffering from eczema and it’s great for preventing red spots and acne. Their products range from 12 to 15 euros.

The second stocking filler is a bit of a controversial one because it’s actually a Christmas count-down calendar. So strictly speaking you should open this in the run-up towards Christmas. But I can imagine if the person you’re buying from is really into nail polishes or wants to start their nail polish collection this is a perfect stocking filler gift. It contains a variety of festive and everyday colors, ranging from matte, metallic, and glitter finish. If you want to see what’s inside every door then watch my youtube unboxing video (spoiler alert!). The advent calendar retails for just under 20 euros.

Another great stocking filler idea is a gift set or just an individual shower gel from Weleda. Weleda makes it into every year’s Christmas Gift guide so I had to include it in the 2021 Ultimate Christmas Gift Guide. These Aroma Therapy shower gels from Weleda are absolutely amazing. They are a bit more expensive compared to a regular shower gel, but they are absolutely worth it. Like I already mentioned they smell absolutely amazing and completely natural. Another great gift idea from Weleda is a product from their famous Weleda skin food range! The Weleda shower gels are just under 7 euros each.

The Sustainable gift – Envrionmentally friendly

If the person whom you’re buying for is really into sustainable products, check out these gift ideas. First up is a new product from AllMatters – used to be called Organicup -. They recently launched powder to foam hand and body wash. It’s a really cool concept where you purchase the aluminum bottle and a packet of three sachets. You fill the bottle with water and empty the sachets in the bottle, shake for 2 minutes and you’re good to go. It saves a lot of water in the process to make the body and hand wash. And besides that, the weight of the products is lower so you can ship a lot more products at once. This reduces the CO2 emission per product. The starter kit is just under 35 euros and the refill pack retails for around 20 euros.

Baims makeup is a German organic makeup brand. They have completely organic makeup products, which are also vegan and cruelty-free. They use raw organic materials from organic farming and natural active ingredients. The coolest part – if you ask me – is the packaging of their products. As you can see in the picture I took, they package their products in bamboo packaging. And that’s not all, once you finished your powder, lipstick, or eyeshadow, you can buy a refill. I think this is a very cool way to make makeup products more sustainable. Their products range from 16 to 40 euros.

Last but not least in the sustainable section are the products from Washologi. This is a Swedish brand that creates laundry products without bleach or colorants. A lot of their products can be used at lower temperatures even the sports wash?! This travel kit with a sample of the sports wash and delicate wash is super useful if you travel a lot and need to do some laundry. Besides that, they also have fabric softeners and linen water to enhance the freshness of your garments. While making these products they made a lot of sustainable choices: they are highly concentrated without unnecessary water, they use biodegradable formulas, the bottles are made of bioplastic, and more! The travel kit retails for just under 20 euros and the sample of the linen water is just under 210 euros.

The Self Care gift – For personal growth

If the worldwide pandemic thought us one thing – at least me – it’s to spend more time working on your own mental health, self-care, and your personal growth. So also a category in the 2021 Ultimate Christmas Gift Guide this year: self-care gifts for personal growth! The following gifts could be perfect if the person you’re buying for is also working on these topics. Starting with a goal-setting planner.

I’ve been using the planner from Malpaper this last year and absolutely love it. It’s a type of planner which helps you with setting goals, planning your day, and a bit of mindfulness in between. I absolutely love it and use it every day. It’s also not a problem if you forget to use it for a while or a day, because this planner is undated. Another one I absolutely love is the daily planner from The Inspire Stories. This one is also customizable with a monogram on the front of the planner, which I think makes it even more special. The Dialy Goal-Setter Planner retails for just under 30 euros and The Inspired Stories planner is just under 40 euros.

Another great gift is the Christmas bundle from The London Speech Workshop. The London Speech Workshop offers bespoke courses in public speaking, effective communication, accent softening, and more! They offer different kinds of options depending on how many hours of sessions you want to take. The taster session, which is also included in their Christmas bundle, is a session you can book just to see what you think. During this session, your coach is going to see what the focus points of your bespoke course are will be and how many hours of sessions your coach recommends to you. The course could also be a bit of everything, so, for example, accent softening in combination with public speaking.

These courses are quite an investment, but if you’re into these kinds of courses you should definitely check them out. Their newest course is an online video course to master the British accent. This one is at a much more affordable price but is also not customizable at all. The gift bundle they offer right now is just under 200 pounds if you want the taster session to be with a principal coach and just under 150 pounds when you choose a senior coach. The other items in the Christmas bundle are sustainable stationery set from VENT for Change and a book called The Connection Book.

The luxurious gift – A real treat to get

The last category is of course luxurious gift ideas. If you just want to spend a bit more on a Christmas gift that the person you’re buying for usually won’t treat themselves to. The first gift idea is a beautiful skincare product from Kiehl’s Christmas Collection. Every year they have a select set of products in beautiful limited edition Christmas packaging. This year they have hand cream, calendula toner, ultra facial cream, clearly corrective dark spot solution, midnight recovery concentrate, Creme de Corps, and their Multi-Corrective Anti-Aeging Cream. Of course, these gifts aren’t cheap so these products range from 28 euros till 75 euros and everything in between. They also have some beautiful limited edition gift sets. A fun fact all their Christmas packaging are designed by Marylou Faur.

Another awesome luxurious skincare gift is a limited-edition holiday gift set from Inika. As you might know, I’m a huge Inika fan and use their makeup and skincare for a couple of years already. Last year I unboxed their Advent Calendar, but this year they have some beautiful gift sets. There are gift sets with only makeup or skincare, but you can also choose a combination of the two. Inika is an amazing organic, vegan, and cruelty-free cosmetics brand you’d definitely want to check out! They range from 29 to 65 pounds per set.

My final luxurious gift recommendation is a gift set from Charlotte Tilbury. Charlotte Tilbury is one of my favorite makeup brands and during Christmas, they have the most amazing gift sets. Last year I bought the Filmstar Bronze & Glow with a brush gift set and absolutely love it. I can also highly recommend the powder or the eyeshadow palette. I’ve also heard that the pillow talk Lipset is also a good gift option. If the person you’re buying for is a makeup fan, then you can’t go wrong with a gift from Charlotte Tilbury!

I hope this 2021 Ultimate Christmas Gift Guide with last-minute gift ideas is useful. Let me know in the comments below what’s on your Christmas wish list this year!

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