5 Amazing Christmas Advent Calendars 2020

Best Christmas Advent Calendars 2020 - Actually Anna

Do you also get overwhelmed by the amount of beauty advent calendars out there? I can imagine because it seems like the amount of different beauty advent calendars is growing every year. Therefore, I thought it might be useful to list my 5 best Christmas advent calendars 2020 down below for you. Over on my youtube channel, you’ll find unboxing of all the advent calendars listed below. And if the video isn’t linked, it means that the unboxing video is on its way. So don’t forget to keep an eye out on my youtube channel or hit that subscription button to stay updated. But first, let me go over the 5 best Christmas Advent calendars 2020!

The most beautiful packaging

If you want a beautiful looking advent calendar that you could reuse next year, you might want to check out the Rituals 3D Exclusive Advent Calendar this year. For the last couple of years it used to be a huge Christmas tree, but this year they switched up the look of this 3D advent calendar. It’s filled with a lot of different Rituals products, shower gels, candles, and more. There is one special gift that I haven’t seen in any other advent calendar ever! This advent calendar retails for €89,99 and holds a value of over €140. If you want to know what it is click here to watch the unboxing video.

The sustainable advent calendar

If you want to splurge on an advent calendar filled with sustainable makeup and skincare products, check out the Inika Advent Calendar. Although this advent calendar is the most expensive one in this blogpost at €140. The value of the content inside is amazing and worth over €200. There is a good mix of Inika makeup and skincare products, ranging from full size, travel size, and minis. And the packaging of this beautiful advent calendar* is absolutely stunning!

Douglas Advent Calendar - Actually Anna

The most value for money

The Douglas Advent Calendar 2020 is in my opinion the calendar with the most value for your money. It holds some amazing products from various brands and is a perfect way to try out new products. The packaging is a traditional advent calendar where you have to open every individual door. This way you, unfortunately, can’t reuse this advent calendar, but besides that, it has an amazing design. The brands in this advent calendar vary from luxurious to more affordable. This advent calendar retails for a whoppin’ €39,99, but the value of the content inside is over €300. The unboxing video of this advent calendar will be live on my Youtube channel very soon!

The skincare advent calendar

If you are looking for an advent calendar filled with skincare and body care products the Dr. Hauschka Advent Calendar 2020 is the one. This calendar is filled to the brim with all types of skincare and body care products. Although this advent calendar only contains products from Dr. Hauschka itself, it does give you a really good opportunity to try out almost every Dr. Hauschka skincare and body care products. This calendar retails for €71,41, but the value of the content inside is not stated anywhere. Although I think it holds a good amount of value! Watch the unboxing very soon on my Youtube Channel!

The affordable makeup advent calendar

Last but certainly not least is the Ici Paris xl Adventskalender. This calendar is the most affordable in this post and is filled with Only You makeup products. Only You is an Ici Paris XL own brand, which is why it is only available at Ici Paris XL. Besides a variety of makeup products like lipsticks, eye shadows, bronzers, and highlighters, there are also a couple of non-makeup products in this calendar. The Ici Paris xl Adventskalender retails for €27,99, but the value of the content inside is not stated anywhere. Although I think this is an amazing advent calendar for just €28! You can watch the unboxing very soon on my Youtube Channel.

Let me know which advent calendar you are going to buy this year in the comments below! Which one is your Christmas advent calendars 2020 this year?

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