5 tips when having a bad day

5 tips when having a bad day

Nothing goes to plan, stuck in traffic or just having a bad day. I think we’ve all had one of those days. When I come home from one of those days I usually feel totally worn out.  Below you’ll read 5 of my favorite ways you can do in the evening to make you feel better and relaxed. So you can start the next day fresh and full of optimism.

Tip #1: Pamper yourself 
When you come home from one of those days treat yourself to a nice Lush bath or a facemask. Anything to pamper yourself will help you at that time. Relax and spent some time to yourself!

Tip #2: Workout
Working out always helps me to clear my head. When I’ve had a busy day that didn’t go to plan I like to workout. After the workout I can fully wind down and start the next day fresh and energized!

Tip #3: Wear something comfy
When I’m having a bad day the second I come home I’m changing my clothes to something comfy. This can be your most comfortable jumper, your onesie or your dressing gown. It instantly makes me feel better!

Tip #4: Watch a movie
Watch your favourite movie or the next episode of the series your following. Snuggle up on the couch with a blanket and a nice warm drink. Make it as cozy as possible and drift away into the story your watching. This will make you forget about your day and make it possible to relax!

Tip #5: Light a candle and read a book
My last tip is to make your room cozy with a nice scented candle. Make yourself comfortable on the sofa and read a nice book. The scent of the candle will fill the room and makes you relaxed and ready for the next day ahead.

What are your favorite tips when you have a bad day?

xoxo Annaleid

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