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weleda, shower gel, different occasions

All Weleda shower gels have different scents, which serve different purposes! There was a comment on one of my latest instagram posts, asking for more reviews on the Weleda shower gels. Since I’m a Weleda Ambassador, I’ve had the privilege to try out all the Weleda scents during the scent workshop we had at their head office in Leiden. I’ve also tried out a few of their shower gels, so I can’t wait to tell you which shower gel I use for which occasion! Before going in to the shower gels, I want to say that this blogpost is not sponsored by Weleda. The products I show in this blogpost are PR samples, because I’m a Weleda Ambassador. But don’t worry; I love all those shower gels a lot!

weleda, shower gel, different occasions


The lavender shower gel* (the left on on the picture above) is absolutely amazing! I like to use this shower gel in the evening when I want to be relaxed before going to bed or when I have a pamper night. When you shower with this one it’s like you’re in a lavender field in the South of France. If you’ve ever experienced that, you know what I’m talking about. And of course if you haven’t, just buy this shower gel and shower with it. No I’m not joking, because it’s exactly like being in a lavender field and it works like magic if you want to relax. Also, all of these shower gels are very hydrating and nourishing for your skin. 

Sea Buckthorn

Before going into the scent workshop during the kickoff day at Weleda, I didn’t even know this was an exciting scent. Sea Buckthorn* is known for helping older skin to keep its youthfulness. Since I’m still 26, I don’t need to worry about keeping my skin young. Though, compared to the lavender scent, I like to use this one when I shower in the morning. I don’t like to use the lavender shower gel in the morning, because it doesn’t wake me up in the morning. I already struggle to wake up in the morning, so the relaxing and calming lavender scent doesn’t really work for me. However, the Sea Buckthorn does help in the morning, because I find that it’s nice and fresh!

weleda, shower gel, different occasions

Wild roses

Together with the Sea Buckthorn shower gel this the wild roses shower gel*, also a shower gel I like to use in the morning. The scent of this shower gel, as the name already suggests, smells like roses. Besides using this in the shower to wake me up, this one can also be used in the evening. In my opinion it is a multipurpose shower gel. Using this shower gel is almost the same experience as the lavender one. Standing in a field full of roses! 


The sports shower gel* is a very special one, because it has arnica as an ingredient. This is absolutely amazing to use in the shower after a workout. It has a very fresh mint like scent, so it really wakes you up in the shower. Therefore this could also be used in the morning, especially if you had a tough workout the previous evening. I really feel like this shower gel relaxes my muscles after a workout. It also helps against muscle sourness. That’s why I’m really thinking about buying the Sports body oil with arnica. I think a massage after a workout with this body oil will also help a lot against muscle sourness!

After reading this post you might wonder which one I like the most. Honestly I can’t choose. Mainly because I love each one for a different purpose or occasion. Have you ever tried one of these shower gels? Which one do you like most and for which purpose or occasion? 

signature, xoxo Annaleid, Actually Anna

*pr samples

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  1. I think that Sea Buckthorn sounds like something I’d like to try. I’m 30 and started anti-aging products at 25 (when skin starts losing its elasticity) and I am hoping it all pays off when I’m in my 60s and 70s!

    Thanks for sharing! x


    1. You’re welcome! Yes the Sea Buckthorn would be amazing for that! I’d love to know what you think if you end up trying the cream 🙂
      xoxo Annaleid

  2. So amazing that you are a Weleda ambassador! I defo need to try the sports one as I have been looking for something to make me feel fresher after early morning workouts x

    1. The sports shower gel would be amazing for that! And it really helps to relax your muscles after a workout because of the arnica that it contains.
      Let me know what you think if you end up trying it 🙂
      xoxo Annaleid

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