About Annaleid

Hello lovely,

I am Annaleid, a Transformation Coach & Content Creator. As a former elite athlete, I know a thing or two about transitioning from one world into another and pursuing my dream life.

I started out as a Physical Education teacher, where the basis of my knowledge to mentor and coach others was built. Combined with my master’s degree in Sports Science and my experience from my own transformation journey, I would like to help you!

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My Mission

Is to help as many women as I can with their transformation journey. If you want to live your dream life, go through major life changes, want to implement habits & routines, or learn about realistic goal setting, I can help you!

You’ll be able to set realistic goals for yourself, know how to get closer to them step-by-step, start to feel empowered and self-confident, and know how to take your life to the next level in no time!

Would you like to live your dream life?


“Just wanted to share my experience with Annaleid and she’s an amazing course. I found it so easy to flow and the connection that she gives it’s so well presented. And the best thing is she is there with u every step you take to become and achieve your goals.✨Thank you for sharing your gift and knowledge!”
– Liene –

“Thank you Anna for this course – it was been just what I needed to clarify my goals and to take action by knowing how to form the habits I needed. This has made such a difference and I’m loving seeing the progress!”
– Charlotte –

“If you are looking for a solution to help obtain your goals and form constructive daily habits in your life then this is the course for you! 
Anna has formulated this amazing step by step training which helps you identify, set and achieve your goals in bite size pieces making your goals achievable rather than overwhelming. 
The course is so easy to follow with short video instruction and little tasks to help you stay accountable and keep on track.  
Thank you Anna I absolutely loved this training. 😁”

– Marie –

Let’s get started!