About me

Hi Everyone,

This is my blog Actually Anna and I’m sure you’d like to know a little bit more about me. At least that’s probably why you clicked on the “About Me” page!

Let me first start with the name of my blog. The name Actually Anna exists of two parts: Actually and Anna. The last part is easy, because it’s the first part of my first name and also the most commonly used nick name for me. This was the easy part when I was thinking about a name for my blog! The meaning of actually is nothing more than the definition of the word itself. I wanted to write about things I liked, give advise and inspire you through my blogposts. The name Actually Anna tells that story!

So now I’ve explained to you the meaning behind Actually Anna, but who’s the person behind the blog. Who is Annaleid? I’m a twentysomething year old Dutch girl, who grew up in a very small village. Now I’m living in the capital of The Netherlands: Amsterdam. I love to inspire you through my blogposts, because I think there’s nothing better than someone you can relate to. I hope you’ll find my blogposts useful and that the advice that I give can help you along the way.

I’m not a full time influencer, because yes I also have a Youtube Channel and I’m active on Social Media. My occupation besides being an influencer is Data Science. Yes, I’m also a nerd and I love it! If you’re asking yourself how the two relate, I’ll say to you: creativity, self though skills and thinking out of the box!