Get rid of acne with Louis Widmer Skin Appeal

Louis Widmer Skin Appeal

Ever bothered with the acne that can’t go away? Have you tried the new Louis Widmer Skin Appeal line already? Over the last couple of weeks, I have tried this new Louis Widmer acne care line and I am going to review it for you in this blogpost. Not only am I going to talk you through the products that I’ve tried, but I am also going to show you pictures of my skin. Ready for this Louis Widmer review? Keep on reading!

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Louis Widmer Skin Appeal

As I already mentioned this Skin Appeal line is created to conquer your acne problems. Although the line is created while keeping the teenager in mind, acne is not only a teen’s problem. I’ve struggled with a lot of adult acne myself. I found that it comes and it goes with certain things, like stress, eating unhealthy, lack of sleep, and hormones. Although these things aren’t things you can easily influence, keeping your skin clean is something you can control.

Skin care products

The complete Louis Widmer Skin Appeal line consists of 8 different products. I tried 3 of the products, so I could test out the basic products in the 3 step skincare routine. To cleanse your skin I used the Skin Appeal Lipo Sol Mousse. This is a foam type of cleanser* that feels really soft on your skin. The second product I tried was the Skin Appeal Lipo Sol Toner, which is a very hydrating toner* that makes your skin feeling very smooth. And the last product in the skincare routine was the Skin Appeal Sebo Fluid. This is a very nice cream* that hydrates the skin and reduced inflammation.

Louis Widmer Review

And now you probably want to know my review of the products of this new Louis Widmer acne care line. As you can see in the pictures the I had a couple of spots and acne scars in the picture on the left. Although my skin was not happy during this time, yep time of the month, you can see that it became less inflamed over time. Hence the picture on the right shows a calmer and less inflamed face. I think this line is really nice if you are suffering from acne. If you have quite dry skin I would suggest also using something extra hydrating on your on top of the seba fluid. And if you just have some spots every now and then you can also use one of their other products in the Skin Appeal line.

I hope this was helpful for you and I hope you enjoyed reading about my experience reviewing the Louis Widmer skin Appeal line. If you want to know more about other products of Louis Widmer, check out the blogpost about the Remederm skincare line or their moisturizers. And last but not least let me know in the comments below your favorite product against acne!

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