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Last year I wrote a blog post about the Australian Gold Tinted Face SPF. When I heard Australian Gold relaunched this tinted face SPF including more sustainable sunscreen products, I was super excited to try them out. In this blog post, I’ll review not only their face SPF but sustainable sunscreen for the rest of your body. As well as two new products: the Aloe Freeze Gel and their Australian gold hemp nation lotion. These products are almost zero waist sunscreen products, since they use only natural products in their Botanic line, and their packaging is recyclable.

Sustainable sunscreens for sensitive skin

Let’s start with the two sunscreen products, to protect your skin from getting sunburned. Their products contain a natural and mineral SPF, which means it’s not harmful to the skin at all. And makes it very environmentally friendly sunscreen products. You might think why I named this subtitle “Sunscreens for sensitive skin”. Well, I find that these sunscreens are not greasy at all, which is perfect for sensitive skin. Besides that, they are very moisturizing, which is amazing for dry skin. And nevertheless, they are also not greasy, which makes this the best sunscreen for an oily face or body.

Besides the fact that the consistency is very nice, they also do an amazing job protecting your skin from getting sunburned. I love the fact that the Australian Gold SPF 50 Botanical Tinted Face* contains SPF 50, which does an amazing job protecting your skin without it being greasy. And this year they launched three different shades, compared to the one shade from last year. As you can see the medium-tan is a bit too dark for me, but I’m sure that the fair-light will be a perfect fit for my pale skin tone.

The Australian Gold SPF 30 Botanical Lotion* is a very nice moisturizing, but not greasy sunscreen. I feel like I’m going to say the words ‘not greasy’ a lot of times during this post. The product sinks right into your skin and does the job of protecting it against sunburn. I like the fact that they have different SPF options in their Botanical line, both in tube or spray bottle.

The Aloe Freeze Gel

One of their new launches is the Australian Gold Aloe Freeze Spray Gel*, which is amazing if you do get sunburned. I have to admit that I should have tested the sunscreen before having to try out their freeze gel. As we are all humans – so am I – I forgot to apply sunscreen before going into the sun. Nevertheless this did give me an opportunity to really test out the freeze gel too. It gives a cooling sensation after applying it on your skin and it does take away the burning sensation over time. I really think this is a great after sun product, even better compared to the more traditional after sun products. It’s not greasy at all – yes I warned you! – and sinks into the skin right after applying it.

Australian Gold Hemp Nation

 Another new product in their collection is the Australian Gold Hemp Nation Sea Salt & Sandalwood body lotion*. There are a lot of products at the moment infused with hemp, which is an ingredient that protects, heals, and moisturizes your skin. A perfect ingredient for a hemp nation body lotion in my opinion. This hemp nation lotion doesn’t only smell absolutely amazing, but it’s also very moisturizing for your skin. I also find that it skins into your skin quite quickly. This is something I prefer in a sunscreen, because I don’t like to be sticky a long time after applying body lotion. The lotion itself has a moisturising yet light consistency, without – yes one more time – being greasy at all.

I hope you loved reading my review about the new Australian Gold sustainable sunscreen products. Let me know in the comments below if you’ve tried any of their products. And maybe you can share your favourite sunscreen and aftersun products!

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