Beauty Kitchen vegan sustainable and cruelty free

Beauty Kitchen vegan sustainable and cruelty free

During the end of last year I discovered the brand Beauty Kitchen, which is a UK based sustainable brand, vegan and cruelty free. Not just the average sustainable brand, but one with a mission! I love discovering this kind of brands and reviewing them on my blog for you. I already mentioned one of their skincare lines in my Best Stocking Filler 2019 post. In this post I’m going to review the other skincare line for you, so if you’re curious to find out more about Beauty Kitchen… keep on reading!

Completely waste free?!

As I already mentioned in the intro Beauty Kitchen strives to be the most natural and sustainable brand. And I have to say they are doing an amazing job, because they are already a certified B company! This means that they balance profit with purpose and take care of the environment. They are also vegan registered and support the Plastic Soup Foundation.
But let’s talk about the products right now, because they have something special too. Of course you can guess that their products only contain natural derived ingredients, but what makes this brand so special is you can send back the packaging and they’ll refill it. They work according to the Return, Refill, Repeat principle, which means less package waste!

Seahorse plankton+

So in this post I’m going to review a couple of their Seahorse plankton+ range products. And no worries there’s no actual Seahorse inside these products, it’s a sustainable blend of two marine extracts. From the Seahorse Plankton+ range I tried the High Definition Facial Oil and the Facial Cleansing Konjac Sponge.

Using a Konjac Sponge* was completely new for me, since I’ve never used one before. At first it was kind of a weird experience. I was used to foaming cleanser and this one didn’t foam at all. You wet the sponge and gently use circular motions to cleanse your skin. After doing so my skin felt really soft and clean. After all it was a nice relaxing experience and kind of a very short facial. The cool thing about this product is that it is completely compostable, both the sponge and the paper bag! I really loved this sponge as a cleanser!

The facial oil* wasn’t a new experience for me, because I’ve used a lot of facial oils before. Although I really thought this one was very very nice! I even completely used it, which is kind of rare for a beauty blogger. Don’t worry I never throw things away I always make sure it gets a better home ones it’s tested and loved (but not completely used). The scent of this facial oil is very nice, at least in my opinion. It smells like the sea, which really reminds me of holiday! This oil is also really good in moisturising and healing your skin when it needs it. The glass bottle can be refilled and the cardboard box is made out of FSC card and vegetable ink. This way you can recycle it safely.

I hope that you’ve learned something today about Beauty Kitchen and they inspired you be aware of the sustainability of beauty products. At least they inspired me! Have you tried any Beauty Kitchen Products? Or maybe you have another sustainable recommendation? Let me know in the comments below!

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