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I just came back from my Belfast holiday and I thought this was a great opportunity to tell you what I would recommend doing when you’re in Belfast. First of all Belfast is such a lovely city and has a lot of history. If you have time (which we didn’t) definitely visit the Giant Causeway at the North coast. Also go to Cave Hill Country Park if you have time and the weather is good. We didn’t do this because we had some rain and didn’t wanted to risk the trail being slippery. Near Cave Hill there is also Belfast Zoo if you fancy visiting one!



Befast City Hall

I would definitely go to Belfast City Hall just because it’s an amazing building. The outside architecture and the gardens are amazing and inside it’s even better. City Hall offers some free tours, which are very interesting. Just show up 10-15 minutes before the tour starts and you should be able to get a ticket. They tell you about the history of Belfast and the building itself. It’s still used as a city hall, which makes it even more special in my opinion. If you don’t want to do the free tour you can always just go inside and have a look in the main hall.



Hop on hop off buss

This one has live commentary and is absolutely brilliant. The tour guides do have an Northern-Irish accent, but are also absolutely hilarious! In about 1.5 hours you get to know all about the history of Belfast, the things to do and to see. I think it’s absolutely worth going on this bustour. The ticket you buy is valid for 48 hours, which makes it very useful just to use as your public transport ticket. Belast has some very recent history, which the tour guides explain to you very well!





Botanical gardens

These gardens are absolutely stunning! We mainly went to rose garden and the terrarium, which was absolutely amazing. Rose garden is just a dream if you love roses. The garden smells amazing and you can get so many great pictures in there. We also went into the terrarium, which is full of tropical plants and flowers. It’s completely free and you can just hop in there to have a quick look. If you fancy going into a museum you can go into the Ulster Museum, which is next to the botanical gardens.

Cathedral Quarter

This is an area in Belfast with lots of little bars, coffee places and restaurants. Almost every night there is some live music you can enjoy. We loved going to The Dirty Union for food and a real nice gin-tonic. If you want to have a nice delicious breakfast with amazing coffee I would recommend Established. For a nice drink in the evening you can also go to Cloth Eer or The Thirsty Goat. Loving the bar names by the way!



Opera house

Last but not least the opera house. We didn’t went to the opera house to watch an opera, but the building itself (again!) is very beautiful. And if you’re in Belfast and love opera it’s something very nice to do. Like I said in the beginning there are lots of beautiful buildings in Belfast and this one is next to the Europa Hotel.



Belfast is a very beautiful city with some very interesting history! If you’re in Belfast also take time to juist wander around and enjoy the city. As I’ve already said I think the hop on hop off bus is a great way to get to know the city. I’ve also heard that the Titanic museum is very nice, but we didn’t had time to do that one as well.


Have you ever been in Belfast? Let me know what’s your favourite thing to see or do? And do you have a favourite place to eat in Belfast?


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I am delighted that you had a good time. I work in Belfast, for the Council and live about 12 miles away. If you decide to revisit at any time let me know – I’ll give you some quick pointers of recommendations.

There is one of the best markets in Europe, and a newly reopened Tropical Ravine (free) as for eating, Belfast is selling itself as a Food Destination now, so the number of really fabulous restaurants is staggering, from OX and the Muddlers Club in the centre to Schu on Lisburn Road to name but a few of an ever extending list!


That’s so lovely of you! I’ll definitely let you know when I revisit, because I definitely going to revisit:) That market sounds lovely and those restaurants too:) I’ll write them down and thank you again for all the lovely recommendations!
xoxo Annaleid


I definitely recommend Giants Causeway and Calgary rope bridge too! I really lit Belfast used to visit a lot 😊


Yes, if we had more time we would definitely have visited the Giants Causeway and the North coast! I love Belfast too:)
xoxo Annaleid


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