Waxing my brows at the Benefit Brow Bar

I haven’t talked much about the beauty treatments I’ve head done on my blog yet. Though, I had such a great experience at the Benefit brow bar last week I thought it was time to write a post about it. At the end of 2017 I decided that it was time to get my brows done professionally. Usually I just epilated them myself, but I thought why not go and get them done. I did quite a lot of research and came to the conclusion that I wanted to get them threaded. If you’re thinking about getting your brows treaded I have to be honest and say it hurts. Before going to the Benefit brow bar I had my brows treaded twice and noticed that I got quite a lot of little bumps around my brows after a couple of days. That’s why I thought that waxing might be a better option. I knew that Benefit is a great makeup brand in general and knew about the treatments they do. So I had a look on the internet and found out that Douglas at Osdorpplein offered the Benefit brow treatments.


The treatment

I initially wanted to only get my brows waxed, but the lovely lady Vinanda who did the treatment advised me to get them tinted as well. I was quite scared at first, because my hair is quite light and blond. Of course I didn’t wanted to end up with bold brows on my face, but she assured me that it was going to be fine. Vindana did such a great job with my brows! She explained every little step she did to me and really made me feel comfortable. Before she started waxing we discussed what she was going to do and she also advised me about the shape of my brows. I won’t say this often, but I completely trusted her with my brows. The waxing wasn’t painful at all (compared to treading) and I was really happy with the result.



After the treatment she explained a bit more about the benefit products I was interested in: The 24H brow setter and the gimme brow. In the picture below you can see the different products applied. On my right brow (your left) I have the 24H brow setter and on my left brow (your right) I have the gimme brow in shade 3. At first I thought that tinting my brows and the gimme brow was too much and I only needed a clear brow gel. Though, I have to say after wearing the products for the whole day I prefer the gimme brow. It gives a little bit more volume and surprisingly I preferred this over the clear brow gel.


All day wear test

The picture below I took at the end of the day when I was back home. And I’m really surprised by my preference of the gimme brow. I also really like to color of my brows and I think that Vinanda did an awesome job tinting and shaping them. When I compare the Benefit products to the normal drugstore products I use, I think that the Benefit products are definitely worth the splurge. The longevity of their products is amazing and you can really trust on their quality.



My overal opinion on this treatment is absolutely amazing, with a special thanks to the lady in Douglas Osdorpplein Vinanda who made this experience so nice! I think that getting your brows done is quite a scary thing and you have to trust the person in the salon or brow bar. If you’re ever around Douglas Osdorpplein I highly recommend walking in and making an appointment with Vinanda!

And just to get it out there this blog post wasn’t sponsored, this is just my enthusiasm about the treatment and the lovely lady who did my brows. And of course my honest opinion!

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I have never done my brows are the Benefit counter ever. Earlier I used to go to some normal parlors to get my brows threaded but most of the time they used to thin it down and I prefer thicker brows, So I started plucking them myself only removing the extra hairs and now there is no need to get my brows done.:-)


That sounds great! I really don’t like doing my brows myself, so I prefer getting them done.
Thank you so much for sharing your experience!
xoxo Annaleid


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