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Over the years I’ve tried many shower gels and today I want to share with you the four best organic body washes. There are body washes or shower gels in many shapes and forms, so there’s a lot to choose from. Body washes for dry skin, sensitive skin you name it and the stores have it. So here’s my top 4 best organic body wash blog post!

What’s the difference between natural and organic beauty products?

I think that’s a very difficult question and something that I really wondered while writing this blog post. I feel like organic body wash and natural body wash are used interchangeable, but it’s not really the same. Both organic and natural beauty products contain natural ingredients. Although organic products have a stricter standard in terms of their ingredients. You can see this with a certified organic or certified organic ingredients logo on the packaging. Natural products could contain chemical ingredients, while organic products are not allowed to have any of those in them.

Natural products have the same cleansing properties as ‘normal’ shower gels, but they go for more skin-loving ingredients like lavender, aloe vera, tea tree, shea butter, and coconut oil to cleanse our skin. Since there is a lot of confusion between organic and natural body wash products, make sure to always check the packaging.

4 x Best organic body wash

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Tundra (US)* // Tundra (UK)* // Tundra (NL)* // Weleda (US)* // Weleda (UK)* // Weleda (NL)*


You’ve heard me talk about Weleda numerous times and I also mentioned the Energy shower gel of the same line in the Top 5 Weleda beauty products for the summer blog post. This is the Love Weleda aroma shower gel and smells absolutely divine. While you’re in the shower, close your eyes and it feels like you’re in a flower garden filled with roses, jasmine, and ylang-ylang. This Weleda shower gel is a natural shower gel, with a biodegradable formula, and is completely vegan.

Natura Siberica

This is a new brand I recently came into contact with. It has some beautiful products, including this Tundra Flowers shower gel. Natura Siberica is a brand that is cruelty-free, own one of the largest organic farms in Siberica, and harvest their flowers in a sustainable way. This way they create amazing products that smell amazing! This natural and vegan shower gel has Kamchatka Rosebay Willow Herb extract and organic Rhodiola Rosea extract as their main ingredients. These make sure to nourish your skin and promote elasticity!

Holland & Barrett

The Aleppo soap bar from Holland & Barrett is a new product in their collection. Holland & Barrett really put in the effort to make all kinds of beauty bars by their own brand. I’ve seen shampoo bars, conditioner bars, and even face wash bars. All products are good for the environment and need less water to produce. This Aleppo soap bar has a particular yet amazing scent. It has pure olive oil as its main ingredient and is perfect for dry, dehydrated skin. It doesn’t contain any perfume and only 4 ingredients, so perfect if you have very sensitive skin.

Guava & Gold

This is body wash made in Brittan, with ethically sourced ingredients, and packaging that is completely recyclable. They are also planning on making more environmentally friendly and water-free products to improve the sustainability of the products. Their body washes are Paraben free and Phthalate free fragrance, which makes them perfect if you have sensitive skin. The coral beach shower gel, shown in the picture, is inspired by sunshine, exotic fruits, and creamy cocktails. I think they definitely succeeded in this and you can really smell a beach holiday when you’re using this body wash in the shower.

I hope you loved reading about these best organic body wash x 4, but I can imagine you have your own recommendations. For example, a beautiful peppermint body washes, tea tree body wash, or maybe a botanicals nourishing wash. You can also try to make your own organic sugar soap at home, have you ever tried that? Let me know what your favorite natural body washes or organic body washes are down below!

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