My birthday weekend in outfits

First of all I think you have noticed that I’ve been MIA for the last week or two. University has been crazy lately especially since the research internship that I’m doing didn’t go very well. All of this is kind of fixed at the minute, which gives me some time to start blogging again. My birthday was the 28th of May and yes I know this post is long over due. Though I still wanted to share the outfits that I wore during my birthday weekend. Hope you have a lovely read and let me know what you think about them in the comments below!


Birthday with my friends at my place

The Friday before my birthday party I celebrated my birthday for all my friends at my own place. This was just a chill evening where I spend dinner barbequing with my two friends from gymnastics. The weather was really good and we had a lovely time during dinner. It took quite a while to get the meat finished on the barbeque (three girls trying to do this for their first time), but in the end it all worked out and dinner was delicious. The outfit that I wore this day was casual with a little feminine touch in the skirt.

birthday, outfit, casual, Asos, C&A, Vans

T-shirt: C&A (similar)

Skirt: Asos (can’t find anything similar)

Shoes: Vans

Watch: Guess (similar)

Actual birthday with family at my parent’s place

This year the 28th of May was on a Sunday, which made the perfect day to celebrate my birthday for family at my parent’s place. My youngest sister Isabel made my birthday cake, which was a delicious chocolate chip cookie cake! And the family came around after lunchtime. Around dinner time we went out for dinner to a delicious Greek restaurant. I definitely had the most chilled, sunny and beautiful day with my family!

birthday, outfit, chique, new look, H&M, Vero mode, Miss KG

Top: Vero Moda (similar)

Jacket: H&M

Culottes: New Look

Shoes: Miss KG

Watch: Guess (similar)


Spending the next Sunday down south

Yes I know this is a bit cheating, but I do want to show you this outfit too! The weekend after my birthday we went to my parent’s best friends in the South of The Netherlands. They couldn’t come visit me on my actual birthday so we celebrated it again (together with about 3 other birthdays that we hadn’t yet celebrated). Again the weather was so lovely and we sat outside for the whole afternoon and evening. For dinner we ordered some pizza, which was delicious and a big tradition when we meet. We also had some delicious salads and ice cream for desert. Definitely a perfect day!

birthday, outfit, chique, casual, primark, C&A, H&M, Guess, Vans

Top: C&A (similar)

Jacket: H&M

Skirt: Primark

Shoes: Vans

Watch: Guess (similar)


I definitely had a great birthday this year and I hope the weather will be absolutely beautiful again next year! And a big shout out to my other sister Marjolein for taking all those beautiful photos!

Xoxo Annaleid




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