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soap & glory brand review

I was planning on writing a brand review for a long time, but I just saw on my blog that the last one I did about Zoeva was in June! So it’s about time I do another post in the brand review series. This time I’m writing about the brand Soap & Glory, which is a UK based brand. Unfortunately, it isn’t available in Boots in The Netherlands!! BootsUK could you please change that, because we (as Dutchies) would love to be able to buy Soap & Glory too! Though, I did get hold of a few products when I visited the UK last time and their Christmas giftsets were available in BootsNL! So I can’t say that I’ve tried the majority of the Soap & Glory range, but what I can tell you about their products you’ll read in this post!




Body care

I think Soap & Glory is most famous (at least in my opinion) about their body and shower products. Especially the scents of their products are their trade mark. For example the Clean On Me shower gel smells absolutely divine! For some reason when I use this product in the shower it gives me energy. I also love their packaging! It’s so bubbly and happy, it definitely makes me happy even looking at the products. Their Scrub Of Your Life body scrub is also an amazing product! Besides the scent (I won’t repeat myself over and over!) the size of the scrubby bits is exactly right. Your skin feels so soft after using this scrub. Another thing I love about the Soap & Glory products are the names! The choice of words always makes me laugh (and happy)! And last but not least The Righteous Butter body moisturiser is another product that does what you expect it to do. I think all the products I mention in this post (those are the products that I’ve tried) do what you expect of them. And that’s why I love the brand so much!


soap & glory


Soap & Glory doesn’t only do body and shower products, they also do a whole lot of makeup products. When I visited the UK last time I wish I could buy their whole stand, but that didn’t fit into my suitcase unfortunately! I bought their Solar Powder bronzer and the Brow Archery brow gel in the shade Talk Of The Brown. The bronzer I almost use every day without fail. I love the fact that it has a shimmer and matt part, which makes the perfect bronzer in my opinion. I honestly have to say that I don’t use the brow gel very often, because I picked up the wrong shade! I think Blond Luck was a better choice for me, because Talk Of The Brown is slightly too dark for me.


Wish list

I would love to try out a lot of the other Soap & Glory products. Makeup wise I would love to try out the Glow All Out powder and One Heck Of A Blot, which were both sold out when I was in the UK. I also would love to try their lip products! I haven’t heard much about the Soap & Glory skincare and tanning products, which I’m also quite exited to try out!


I would love to know what your favourite Soap & Glory products are and what I should pick up next time I’m in the UK!

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xoxo Annaleid


I LOVE the Soap and Glory lotions. They smell so lovely – and I don’t think I’ve been able to find something that works quite as quickly on my cracked, dry hands. I’ve never tried their makeup line though – I might have to pick up that bronzer one of these days.


I love their makeup and I hope they’ll make it available in The Netherlands soon:)
xoxo Annaleid


Lovely post! I love the righteous butter by Soap and glory. It’s the only body butter that actually works on my super dry skin!

XO Zoe


Thank you so much! I have dry skin too and I love the Soap & Glory body butter too!
xoxo Annaleid

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