A Weleda shower gel for every occasion

weleda, shower gel, different occasions

All Weleda shower gels have different scents, which serve different purposes! There was a comment on one of my latest instagram posts, asking for more reviews on the Weleda shower gels. Since I’m a Weleda Ambassador, I’ve had the privilege to try out all the Weleda scents during the scent workshop we had at their […]

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Detox with Blend New Day

Detox, Blend New Day, Juices, Soups

* This post is sponsored by Blend New Day Ever since my blogpost back in March about the slow juices and soups from Blend New Day I’ve been in contact with them to set up a new collaboration. It wasn’t going to be rocket science to see where the next collaboration was going, since they […]

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How to deal with frustration

frustration, tips and tricks

I think you can relate to me when I say we all have that one day where you can’t let go of the frustration you have. No matter how hard you try every time you think about that particular situation you get frustrated over and over again. I thought I’d share the things I do […]

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This time next year: A review

This time next year, goals, blossom, one year later

Last year Katie from lifewithktkinnes and Jasmine from Thoughts from Jasmine nominated me for the This time next year tag. It’s a little over one year ago that I wrote the initial post, so it’s about time that I write a review.   Review on my goals from last year Last year I set 5 […]

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Twist your dish with quinoa from Nature Crops

Nature Crops, Quinoa, Overnight 'oats', Twist your dish

* This post is sponsored by Nature Crops  Nature Crops has a campaign called “Twist your dish“. Their campaign is about twisting your regular dish with quinoa products and share it on social media with the #twistyourdish. Quinoa is naturally gluten free, high in protein, high in fibers and originally from South America. That’s where […]

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The Molina Chai blends

Molina Chai, Chai Latte, Dairy Free

*This post is sponsored by Molina Chai I’ve always liked the taste of a good chai latte, but I’ve also found that they’re always full of sugar and artificial flavours. So when I came across the instagram account of Molina Chai I was immediately excited about their products.   Molina Chai Molina Chai makes Chai […]

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The slow juices and soups of Blend New Day

This week I was kindly send the introduction box by the brand Blend New Day. This box contained 4 of their juices and 1 bottle of their soups. They sell three kind of juices: full slow juices, sweet slow juices and pure slow juices. The sweet slow juices have a combination of both fruit and […]

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How I use Jake

Jake food

* This post is sponsored by Jake Food Last year in June I wrote my first post about Jake food, which was also the first time I tried their products. I got very excited when they announced new products and flavors at the end of last year. So here’s another post about Jake food, where […]

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