Undiscovered Amsterdam with Strawberry tours

When Envy Fisher from Lost in Translation asked me to join her in this Blogger edition of the Undiscovered Amsterdam walking tour I didn’t hesitate to say yes. Although I live in Amsterdam myself it’s always very nice to see the city from a different perspective. This time … a tourist perspective, but as the […]

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A weekend of outdoor climbing

berdorf, climbing, rock climbing, luxembourgh

Berdorf is a beautiful area in Luxembourg just about four hours driving south-east from Amsterdam. It’s a perfect place to go rock climbing for a couple of days, which is just what I did two weeks ago. The only thing you have to get lucky with is the weather, but besides that going there is […]

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What to do when you’re in Belfast

belfast, city trip, architecture

I just came back from my Belfast holiday and I thought this was a great opportunity to tell you what I would recommend doing when you’re in Belfast. First of all Belfast is such a lovely city and has a lot of history. If you have time (which we didn’t) definitely visit the Giant Causeway […]

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Travel essentials: A wedding abroad

travel essentials, wedding season

In the nearby future I’m going to attend a wedding abroad. It’s actually the first wedding I’m going to attend without my family, which makes it very special and exciting. I think that there are some preparations needed, when you are going to use the airplane to travel towards the wedding. Also I would like […]

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Skiing trip in Czech Republic

skiing trip in Czech Republic

I took a little break of blogging, because of blogmas this year. That’s why there wasn’t a post up this Wednesday. Though, I didn’t wanted you to miss out on this video of my skiing trip in Benecko (Czech Republic).     What did you do during the Christmas holidays? I’d love to know in […]

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Rock climbing in Orpierre

rock climbing, outdoor, orpierre, climbing, mountain

  Ever since I was a little girl my parents always took me and my sisters on camping holidays. My dad used to go on rock climbing holidays way before we came around, so before we knew we were rock climbing. We had so much fun going on camping holidays and climbing mountains. Well mountains… […]

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6 travel packing tips

The holiday season is almost ready to start and the weather here is not to bad either. So I was thinking to share some travel packing tips with you. Of course share yours in the comments below so we can help each other out! #1 Before you are starting to pack and planning your outfits […]

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72 hours in Edinburgh

During the beginning of this month I went a couple of days to Edinburgh. To be specific I went for around 72 hours. We (me and a friend) flew in Tuesday lunchtime and went back Thursday afternoon. At first I thought that it might be too little time to see everything, but at the end […]

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