Actually Anna Christmas Countdown Day 14: My favourite Christmas songs

christmas songs

I love the moment the first Christmas songs are played on the radio. I don’t know why, but Christmas songs always make me feel a certain way. And I find it hard to describe this feeling, but it’s very comforting, happy and comfy. Do you recognise this feeling too? I really love putting the Christmas music and dancing around the room (when I’m cleaning for example). So my favourite Christmas songs are basically all classics (another way of saying old). Do you prefer the modern Christmas songs or the old once? I’m very curious to hear!


Mariah Carey – All I want for Christmas

Wham! – Last Christmas

Let it snow! (it has many artists, but I really love the old version and the Michael Buble one)

Happy Xmas (war is over) – John Lennon

Santa Clause is coming to town – Bruce Springsteen


Those are definitely my favourites and I’m sure I forget a lot of them. If I only had to listen to these five songs during Christmas I would be completely fine with that. And it would definitely make me feel like Christmas.


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