Actually Anna Christmas Countdown Day 19 : Planning with the Paper Time werkplanner

Paper Time Planner
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Today I collaborated with Paper Time Werkplanner to tell you something about my experience with their planner. I know that especially during this time of the year things can get chaotic quite quickly. During the past month I’ve been able to really try out this planner, because I was finishing my master thesis on top of my usual course, blogging and gymnastics practices.






This planner, as you can see in the pictures, is not a usual diary. It’s really a planner with different sections for your weekly to do’s. I love this setup, because it gives me an overview of my lectures, practices and appointments at the top of the page. While the majority of the two pages is for all kind of to do lists. You can also add in to do lists, and project planning sheets, which you can also remove when a list or project is completed. The setup of this planner might seem very structured, but in my experience this planner is very flexible. You could easily change work to do into university to do or use the 10-minute projects to write down tasks you’d like to complete every day.


close up social media pages


What I also love about this planner is the fact I can use it for university, my personal life and especially my blog. The different to do areas give me the flexibility to write all of these aspects down. Besides that in the back of the planner there is a designated monthly overview for social media planning. I love this to plan my blog posts, youtube videos and social media posts. I love the fact that you can put a lot of information on only two pages, which gives me a lot of structure.




The last feature of this planner is the note sheets at the back of the planner, which you can also order separately if you used them all. And last but not least there are two sheets of very cute stickers in the back. I love using stickers in my planner if I feel very creative. This planner is very natural in color, so you can go ahead with all the washi tape and stickers if you’d like. Or just keep it simple and minimalistic!


I hope you loved reading about my experience with the Paper Time Werkplanner. As an extra gift I have a coupon code, which will give you a free set of project planning sheets when you order something from their website. You can use the code actuallyanna , which is valid until 31st of December 2017 . Just put the set of project planning sheets in your basked, enter the code and the discount will be applied.


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  1. I have been toying with the idea of using a planner. you have mentioned some useful information and tips on how to use a planner to organise blog activities as well as other parts of our lives. Thank you

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