Actually Anna Christmas Countdown Day 4 – Which one would I choose ? Setting Spray

which one, Setting Spray

Christmas is already right around the corner and during the Christmas parties you really want your makeup to last all night. That’s why I thought another instalment of Which one would I choose? featuring setting sprays would be a good idea. Today I’ll feature three different setting sprays, which are all available in the drugstore. I think that all those setting sprays are great it just is up to you what you prefer.


L’oreal Paris Infallible Fixing Mist

The L’oreal Paris Infallible Fixing Mist is the first setting spray I would like to talk about. This setting spray looks clear, but when you shake it it becomes slightly white. I find that the consistency of this spray is the most ‘sticky’ of all three. This is not a bad thing to me, because I feel like it really holds my makeup in place. The nozzle of this spray bottle is really great! The mist it creates is really fine, which makes applying this setting spray a pleasure.


Rimmel #insta Fix & Go Primer & Setting Spray

This setting spray from Rimmel is called the #insta Fix & Go Primer & Setting Spray, which is besides a setting spray also a primer. I have to say I’ve never used is as a primer, so I can’t tell you anything about that. However, using this as a setting spray is great. I really felt like this helped my makeup stay in place all day. The only downside to this spray was the nozzle. It wasn’t a fine mist at all, but it could be that I just had a wrong bottle. And the consistency of the mist is not as sticky as the L’oreal one, but not as dry as the MUA setting spray I’m going to talk about next.


MUA Pro-base Fixing Mist

The MUA Pro-base Fixing Mist is the last setting spray I would like to mention in this post. It’s a really nice setting spray with the nozzle creating a really fine mist. I don’t feel like this setting spray holds my makeup in place as well compared to the other setting sprays. I think this is because of the consistency of the spay. It’s relatively ‘dry’ compared to the other two, which doesn’t create any ‘stickiness’ at all. This doesn’t have to be a bad thing, because you might not like sticky setting sprays.


I think I like the L’oreal setting spray best, because of the stickiness and the dewy look it gave me. I really felt like this one kept my makeup in place and I liked the way the spray felt on my face. Though, this doesn’t mean I think the other once are bad at all! I think it’s just a matter of personal preference. I hope you liked this post about setting sprays and it might give you some ideas about your Christmas party makeup.


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I have never used setting spray, though I have lately been highly considering trying one. I will definitely look into the L’oreal spray! Have you ever tried the ELF brand finishing spray? I’ve heard good things about that as well.


I love using a setting spray. It not even locks your makeup in place all day, but it also helps blend your makeup in my opinion. I have dry skin and when I apply setting spray it just looks more natural 🙂 No 🙁 I cant get hold of Elf in The Netherlands unfortunately!
xoxo Annaleid


That’s great to know! I also have very dry skin in the wintertime, so this may help me. 🙂 Thank you!

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