Actually Anna Christmas Countdown Day 23: My Christmas Traditions

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Today, on day 23 of blogmas, I’ll tell you all about the Christmas traditions with my family. I’ve already briefly talked about Christmas traditions in the Christmas Tag post I did during the beginning of blogmas. Our Christmas traditions might be a little different than you’re used to, because we don’t celebrate Christmas with gifts under the Christmas tree. In The Netherlands we celebrate Sinterklaas the 5th of December, which my family and I celebrate with gifts.


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Ever since I can remember we’ve always been away during Christmas and New Year. We are always on a skiing trip during the Christmas holidays. When I was little we used to go to Austria, but for the last 13 years we’ve come to a little village called Benecko in Czech Republic. Like I said it’s small, so there are not endless kilometers of slopes. Though, it’s usually very quite and calm. That’s why we usually don’t have to wait in line to go onto the chairlift to take us to the top of the mountain. The apartment we rent in a apartment complex called Snek feels like a home away from home. The owners of the complex are very kind and always really helpful. I really love coming to this place to clear my mind and relax.


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Christmas dinner

This brings me to our traditions around Christmas dinner, which we always arrange on Christmas day. Don’t actually know if that’s common or not? The food we have during our Christmas dinner has always been cheese fondue. Well, at least ever since I can remember. Though, during the last couple of years there have been times that pancakes were added to the menu. This year we changed it up to wafels, which we make ourselves of course! As a desert we always have delicious ice-cream! I love Christmas dinner, because it’s really nice to spend this time with family. These moments are becoming quite rare, since only my youngest sister still lives at home.

I really loved writing a more personal post about my Christmas traditions. And I would love to hear about yours in the comments below! I was also wondering if you’d like me to make a little video compilation of my skiing trip in Czech Republic? Let me know!


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xoxo Annaleid


I would love to see a video compilation of your skiing trip!!


I’ve already started filming some bits and bobs:)
xoxo Annaleid

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