Actually Anna Christmas Countdown Day 8: What I got for Sinterklaas

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This year I wasn’t really sure what to put on my “Secret Sinterklaas” wish list. Last year I just moved house, so it was easy to ask for household stuff that I needed. Though, this year I really had to think about it. The first thing I thought about was a book, so on my list I wrote: The Working Woman’s Handbook and The positive Journal. Also some little bits and bobs like the NYX eyeshadow stick in French Fries, an eye mask and earplugs for my smartphone. I always like to give my “Secret Sinterklaas” more options than only the once that would fit inside the budget. This also makes it more exciting for me, because I don’t know what I’m going to get for Sinterklaas.


measurement cup


measurement cup


Measurement Cup

My first gift was this really cute measurement cup, which wasn’t on my list. This year my mum was my “Secret Sinterklaas” and she’d heard my say numerous times during grocery shopping I would really like this measurement cup. Especially to be able to bake English and American receipts. I never know their exact measurements, because they use cups, pints and more different measurement units. I always thought this measurement cup was really cute, but I never ended up buying it for myself. So my mum obviously knew what to buy me when she found out she was going to be my “Secret Sinterklaas”.






Eye shadow stick

The second gift I received was one from my wish list, which was the NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in French Fries. I already own the same eye pencil in the shade Yogurt and really love the consistency of this eye shadow stick. I really wanted a dark brown coloured creme eyeshadow for a quick makeup look. This one has a slight sheen to it, which makes blue eyes really pop. And I think this is a great color to wear during the day and during a night out.


positive journal


positive journal


positive journal


The positive journal

The last gift I got was The Positive Journal by Nancy F. Clark, which was also on my wish list. I really loved the concept of this journal, where each day the journal asks you a different question to reflect on. When you answer these questions your mind is more focused on the positive rather than the negative. Amelia Liana talks a lot about here 5 minute a day journal, which I also really love the concept of. Unfortunately I can’t get hold of that one in The Netherlands. So this journal seem like a really good alternative to me.


I hope that you loved reading about what I got for Sinterklaas this year. And just to be clear I don’t do this to brag at all! I love watching what I got for … youtube videos a lot and I asked you guys on instagram and Facebook if you’d like to see me write a post about this. So that’s what I did!


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    1. Yes me too! I really love this journal and I love the way it makes you think about the positive:) Haha I didn’t this year 😛
      xoxo Annaleid

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