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coffee talk, get to know me

I thought I’d start a new series on my blog called: Coffee Talk, where I just discuss topics that are on my mind or quite hot at the moment. Though, I want to just casually talk about these topics. The first post in the Coffee Talk series is going to be a get to know me post. I have done personal “get to know” kind of posts in the past, but those were always in a certain kind of predefined format. So this is a blogpost where you can get to know me all free format!

My love for makeup and beauty

My love for makeup and beauty already started very early when I got in contact with makeup products for children. Back in the days they were always gel or cream based and of course as many glitters as possibly could fit in the makeup. I remember even the lipsticks had big chunks of glitter in it at some point. I really liked experimenting with this type of makeup, not only on on my own face, but also on the makeup dolls that you could get when I was little. This was basically a doll with only a head and neck, that you could put on the table to do its makeup. I always found it very annoying that the makeup had hardly any pigment, so creating a makeup-look was quite difficult. 

After the children makeup there was a time that there was absolutely no makeup in my life. Until the last grade of primary school I didn’t wear any makeup at all. I think when you’re that young, you aren’t supposed to wear makeup at all. And my parents agreed with this, because when I tried to wear makeup in the last grade of primary school I wasn’t allowed. So I started wearing makeup again when I started high school. In The Netherlands you are allowed to wear makeup, so I experimented a lot. I used to have a Rimmel kohl pencil in black and some mascara. And when I started to get spots I also experimented a lot with concealers. I usually just put a Rimmel stick concealer on my spots, some kohl pencil and mascara on my eyes and I was ready to go. I remember that my first ever proper foundation was the Maxfactor miracle touch foundation, which still exists nowadays! 

Adrenalin junky 

Besides my interest in beauty and fashion I’ve always been an adrenaline junky. It all started with my parents taking me towards the mountains ever since I could walk basically. During the summer we always went rock climbing and during the winter we went skiing. So yes, basically addicted to adrenalin. And when my parents took me to my first gymnastics class for kids I was sold. So when I was nine I ‘decided’ to try a career in elite gymnastics. I’ll repeat myself again.. adrenalin junky. I just love things that give me adrenalin: skiing, rock climbing, gymnastics, bungee jumping…


Yes besides all of this I’m also kind of a nerd. I just graduated from VU University with a master degree in Sport Science, which doesn’t sound very nerdy. Though I loved the programming courses, mathematics and physics… I told you… I’m kind of nerd. When I was still in high school, being a nerd was a no-go. Nowadays, I don’t mind being considered a nerd, in fact I think it’s pretty cool! I just love mathematics, physics, sudoku and most of all programming, artificial intelligence and machine learning. All of this resulted in me working in technology/IT and I absolutely love it!

Being a woman and working in technology doesn’t mean you can’t love beauty, fashion and makeup! 

Please remember that those things go hand in hand! You don’t have to choose between one or the other! If you’re a woman working in technology,  go to the office with red lipstick or a nice skirt and don’t find yourself thinking you shouldn’t because you work in technology!

signature, xoxo Annaleid, Actually Anna

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    1. No problem! I loved writing this coffee talk post! Any requests I should write about in my next coffee talk?:)
      xoxo Annaleid

  1. Love it!
    Be everything you are 😀 We are complex creatures and we have qualities and personality traits that are seemingly opposite.
    For instance, when people learn that I’m painfully picky with food, they almost always say that I’m not adventurous. Quite the opposite I’m adventurous about adventures, just not food.

    1. Ahw thank you so much! Such a good piece of advice! I completely agree with that:) What would you like to see me discuss in the next coffee talk post? 🙂
      xoxo Annaleid

    1. Thank you!! 🙂 I think that it should be said more woman in technology can look fashionable and care about makeup:) Do you have any requests or subjects you’d like me to discuss in upcoming coffee talk posts?
      xoxo Annaleid

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