My 9-day detox experience with Blend New Day

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As I mentioned in last weeks post I was doing a 9-day detox program in collaboration with Blend New Day. I don’t want to repeat last weeks post, but I do want to explain a little bit (again) about the program and what I expected from this 9-day detox program.


The program

The 9-day detox program (3-day juice program) from Blend New Day is set up in three different ‘stages’. First you have three days of prepping your body to have no sugar, caffeine, gluten, lactose, carbs etc. Therefore, Blend New Day sends you a recipe book with three recipes a day to prepare yourself. In between you can have nuts, seeds, veggies and fruit. Of course you have to try to stay away from caffeine, sugar, gluten, lactose etc. In the second ‘stage’ you drink 6 juices, 1 powershot, 1 little bottle of almond milk and 1 little bottle of soup a day, which are provided by Blend New Day itself. After the three juice days you are going to prep your body again (for three days) to get used to eating normal food again. During these days the recipes are provided by Blend New Day. The program also included 1 on 1 guidance from one of the Blend New Day team members during the whole 9-day program.


My goals

As I already mentioned in the previous post this detox program for me wasn’t about losing weight at all. In case I was doing the beauty detox program, which focusses more on skin improvement and gaining more energy during the day. These were also my goals during this 9-day program. I really wanted to:

  • Improve my skin, since I’m currently suffering from adult acne on my face as well as acne on my back
  • Improve my energy level during the day
  • Experience a detox program and feel what it’s like


My experience

Overall I think that it’s a really good and doable detox program. The recipes they send with the program are so delicious! For example this one on the picture above tastes absolutely amazing! So the first three days for me they were not very difficult, except for the fact that I gave a little bit too much in the gym on day one. So that resulted in being more hungry than usual. During the juice days I needed some dedication and motivation to pull myself through. Especially during day 2 of juices I really had to motivate myself (quite weirdly), because the third day felt easier for me compared to the second day. This might be due to the fact that I knew it was the last day of juices. And the final three days were also very doable. If you want to see the full detox experience go to my youtube channel or click on the link to see my What I eat in a week – Detox edition.



I really loved experiencing this detox program, which was one of the expectations/goals that I set before starting this experience. The detox really cleanses your body and gets rid of all the ‘bad stuff’ in your body. It’s really good to do a detox if you’re eating habits aren’t great or if you want to ‘restart’ your body. After the detox it’s important that you still eat healthy and balanced. You could use the 80-20 rule, where you eat 80% of the time health and 20% of the time less healthy. One of my other goals was to improve my skin, which it definitely did! I was testing out a new face cream during the detox period, but the skin on my back improved a lot too. Which is not a place where I put face cream, so that’s definitely due to the detox. I even think that eating a lot of gluten is breaking my skin out, so I think I’m going to watch my gluten intake in the future. I also wanted to gain more energy during the day and I think that succeeded too! I feel like I have more energy and I’m even less hungry in between meals. Finally, although I didn’t do this to lose weight I thought it was nice to see if and how much I’d lose during this experience. I’ve lost 2.5 kg over the past 10 days, which is quite a lot I think for that time period.


I hope you liked joining me on this detox experience (don’t forget to check out my vlog!). And I have something exciting for you, which is a coupon code* to get 10% off the 9-day Blend New Day detox program. Just like the one I did! Just use my code BND10ANNA when you check out and you get 10%  off until the 31st of July 2018!


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  1. I like how you are detoxing for skincare related reason and not to loose weight. We are what we eat and people forget that. I, myself love to eat a ton of veggies and drink lots of liquids. I guess I detox a lot unconsciously. Come return the blogger support on

    1. Thank you so much for your comment! I definitely agree with you and I think we often forget what we put into our bodies. I really liked the experience of the detox!
      xoxo Annaleid

    1. Hmm maybe you could find some recipes that you could make yourself? That way you know you’re going to like it?
      xoxo Annaleid

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