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Ever since my blogpost back in March about the slow juices and soups from Blend New Day I’ve been in contact with them to set up a new collaboration. It wasn’t going to be rocket science to see where the next collaboration was going, since they offer quite a few detox programs. Here I am… I’m going to do their 3-day detox! I’ve actually already started and I’m currently finishing my second prep-day. I’ll tell you in a second what the detox program includes and what prep-days are. I’ve already been very busy with making insta stories, vlogging (Yes I’m vlogging..) and tweeting about my detox journey. So if you can’t wait for the vlog to go live on my youtube channel after the 9 days, follow me on instagram and keep an eye out on my insta stories!


How does it work?

The 3-day beauty detox program from Blend New Day is actually designed as a 9-day program. The frist three days you’re going to prepare your body for the 3 juice days. Therefore, Blend New Day has designed recipes that you can use for breakfast, lunch and dinner. They’ve also provided recipes for three snack ideas and you can always snack veggies, fruit, seeds and nuts (I can’t do nuts because of my allergies). After those three prep-days you’re going to do 3-days of just juices. And after the three juice days you have 3-days of preparing your body again for normal food and your normal diet. So that’s 9 days in total!


Why I’m going to do this

I’ve covered this in the beginning of my vlog, but I’ll also cover this in this post too. I’d like my skin to get better, since it has been quite prone to breakouts. I also hope that I’m going to get more energy overall during the day. You could also do a detox program just to lose weight, but that’s not my main goal at all. If I end up losing weight due to the program that would be a nice benefit, but again this is not my main goal.


I hope that you’re also excited to see how I’m doing during those 9-days of detoxing. Keep an eye out on my insta stories to not miss anything I’m eating. And after the 9 days I’ll post a vlog and a blogpost about my detox experience!


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    1. Ahw thank you so much! I have to admit not drinking coffee for 9 days is going to be a challenge (as it already is a challenge 😛 LOL). Thank you! I’m looking forward to write my final conclusion blogpost and post my vlog about my detox experience:)
      xoxo Annaleid

    1. I’ll definitely talk about my skin (improvement). I hope my skin will improve during this detox too and I’ll let you know when the post is up 🙂
      xoxo Annaleid

  1. I’m super excited to see how this works for your skin 😁 A detox is always a great idea so I’m sure that’ll be awesome for you!


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