Opinions and Statements

The opinions and statements on this blog personal opinions written by me (Annaleid Bakker). I don’t get paid to feature products. If I do get paid to talk about products or a brand is sponsoring a blogpost it will be explicitly stated as a sponsored blogpost. If I get sent any products, these are considered PR samples and will be explicitly stated as PR samples. The opinions about PR samples are still the mine and I don’t feature products which in my opinion are not relevant or I do not love. The content expressed on this blog is for informational purposes only.



All the advice or suggestions given are in no way proffesional advice, such as dermatological, medical, etc. You should always see a professional for information or advice first.


Photos and content

All the photos and content are my own creations unless stated otherwise. Apart from the outfit photos, which are most of the time made by my sister (Marjolein Bakker). Please don’t use any photos or content without linking it back to my blog or for any professional purposes. Please contact me before using any of my content.


Affiliate links

The links I share in my blogposts are not affiliate links. They are for informational purposes and to help you find the products I talk about quicker. If there are any affiliate links or coupon codes this will be explicitly stated as an affiliated link or code. You as a costumer do not pay any extra money for the products if they are bought via an affiliated link or coupon code. The influencer (in this case me) will get a small % of commission from your purchase when you use an affiliated link or coupon code from the brand/company. This % of commission from your purchase is to reward the influencer for promoting the product/service.