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note cosmetics - actually anna

As you might know I’m always on the hunt for affordable, easy to use makeup. When I discovered Note Cosmetics I figured I had to tell you about this brand. It’s not only affordable, but also good for the environment and without any nasty ingredients. I’ve created a very easy 4 step makeup routine for you with the option of two different lip products. If you want to see the product in action, keep an eye out on my instagram!

Note Makeup

Note Cosmetics is a beautiful new makeup brand, or at least new to me. It creates makeup that is paraben-free, cruelty-free, and affordable! One of the cool things about Note makeup is that they have a 100% shade match guarantee, which means that you can return the product (also opened) if you are not pleased with the shade. I think that’s an amazing service from Note Cosmetics!

Note Cosmetics makeup routine

note foundation shades - actually anna
BB Cream (US)* // BB Cream (UK)* // BB Cream (NL)* // Blush (US)* // Blush (UK)* // Blush (NL)*

Note BB cream

The Note BB cream has a really nice and light texture and sits very nicely on the skin. I have quite dry skin and it doesn’t show any dry patches. This bb cream is paraben-free like all of their makeup and contains SPF 15. The shade 01 is a bit too dark for me right now, but I think in summer it will be a good match for my skin tone. I also saw that they have quite a few shades on their websites ranging from very pale to darker skin colors. If you want to add a beautiful Vegan powder on top of the BB cream, you might want to check out the Emani Cosmetics makeup products.

Note Blush

The Note blush has a lot of color payoff, so a little goes a long way. Although I find this Luminous Silk Compact Blusher to be very easy to blend. I have the shade 07 Star Copper, which you can use both as a light bronzer and blusher in my opinion. I even used it as a beautiful eyeshadow in the reels I’m about to post on my Instagram. This blusher also comes in a variety of shades, so perfect for any skin color.

note eyebrow pencil shades - actually anna
Brow Pencil (US)* // Brow Pencil (UK)* // Brow Pencil (NL)*

Note Eyebrow Pencil

The Note Eyebrow Pencil I used is an absolutely perfect shade match to my brows. To be honest I don’t really use an eyebrow pencil that often, but after using this one I’m convinced. This eyebrow pencil is very easy to apply and doesn’t apply too much product. And it has a spoolie on the other side of the pencil, so that’s very convenient. I saw on the website that they only had two shades in their Eyebrow pencil range. So I can imagine if you have very light brows that this one might be too dark.

Note lipstick shades - actually anna
Lipstick (US)* // Lipstick (UK)* // Lipstick (NL)* // Lip Gloss (US)* // Lip Gloss (UK)* // Lip Gloss (NL)*

Note Lipstick

The Note lipstick (which is the bottom one in the note lipstick swatches picture), is the Deep Impact Lipstick in 03 Confident Rose. This is a beautiful nude shade for me, more of a ‘my lips but better shade’. I would definitely wear this to the office or just during the day as a nude lipstick. The texture is very moisturizing and I don’t find this lipstick to be drying on my lips. This is always very important for me, so I can’t wait to try more of their lipstick shades!

Note Mattemoist Lip Gloss

And last but not least the Note Mattemoist Lip Gloss. To be honest, when I read the name I had no idea what to expect. It feels a bit like applying a liquid lipstick, but one that doesn’t dry up. I think that’s the best way to explain it. It’s a beautiful deep pink color (the top swatch in the swatches picture), which I would definitely wear during the day or maybe as an evening lip color. It’s very comfortable to wear on your lips and I had to wash my hands a couple of times in order to get rid of the swatch. I think that says it all!

I hope you loved reading about the Note Cosmetics review and the products you can use for an easy makeup look. Let me know if you tried any of the Note Makeup products in the comments below! Want to read about switching to zero waste makeup products? Or the vegan makeup products from Inika? Check out these blog posts!

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