My favourite face masks

After some requests about my favorite sheet masks I thought I would do a post about it. The biggest benefit… they are all affordable and in my opinion amazing! They are in no particular order. I find them all equally good for different occasions or skin days. If you have any suggestions or want to add some to the list?! Let me know in the commends below!!

First up one on the list is The Body Shop Tea Tree face mask. This is an amazing mask if you want to purify your skin. Back in the days I used it against my acne, but now I usually use it if my skin needs a little purify. This doesn’t irritate my skin or break me out. When you have this mask on your face it gives a tingly sensation. I like the feel of this, because it really feels like it does something to my skin.

Second is the L’oreal Mask Pure Clay, which the name suggests is a clay mask. This is an amazing mask, which really empties your pores and pulls all the dirt to the surface. This one I wouldn’t suggest using the night before a big event! Because I have dry skin I have to use a good serum and moisturizer afterwards. I only use this every other week to prevent my skin from drying out especially during the winter. Although I have dry and sensitive skin this mask doesn’t irritate it at all!

Third up is the Simply When Present Perfect Firming Sheet Mask. This mask is available at Asos, but it’s currently out of stock. I’ll keep you updated when it’s back in stock again! This is a really moisturizing sheet mask, which completely refreshes your skin. This one again doesn’t break or dries me out, which I find most important in a face mask.

The last one is an overnight mask, which is The Body Shop Vitamin E Sleeping Mask. This one is amazing if you skin needs a little pick me up over night. When you wake up your skin feels moisturized and plump again. You can choose if you apply a thin or think layer, but with a thick layer you have to let it sink in for a while. Otherwise your pillow will stick to your face. Yes, I’ve been there… Not the best feeling. It is my favorite over night mask though!

Thank you for reading and requesting this blog post. If you have any requests let me know!

xoxo Annaleid

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  1. There are so many facial masks out there that it’s difficult to decide which one are the best. Thanks for the list Annaleid. My favorite is Origins Charcoal Mask, give that one a try if you have a chance!

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