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Ever since I discovered the Foreo Luna my skin can’t live without it. I had to search for my oldest blog post about the very first Foreo Luna mini review, to see when I bought my very first one. March 2017 is when I introduced my skin to the world of the Foreo Luna devices. I remember I sat on the fence about buying one for quite a while, and read a lot of reviews, before finally biting the bullet. A couple of months ago I received my third Foreo device, the Foreo Luna 4. I’ve been testing it for some time now and thought you might want to hear what I think. Also, don’t forget that Foreo had an incredible Black Friday sale going on this year. Check out their website if you’re thinking about buying one of their devices!

The Luna 4 vs The Luna 3

In the table below I’ve highlighted the – for myself – most important differences between the Luna 3 and the Foreo luna 4. Of course, both devices are made of silicon, which makes them more hygienic than brushes with nylon bristles. And just like with my very first Foreo Luna, you don’t have to charge them a lot. I’d say, when you use it daily I only charge it once every couple of months.

Foreo Luna 4Foreo Luna 3
16 adjustable settings16 adjustable settings
4 guided massages +
5 massage patterns
4 guided massages
3 cleansing modes
(light, normal, thorough)
1 cleansing mode
Customizable cleansing routine in the appCustomizable cleansing routine in the app
Can be used with or without an appCan be used with or without an app
279 euro219 euro

How do you use the Foreo Luna?

Just like the other Foreo luna devices, I’d recommend using the Foreo Luna 4 with a foamable cleanser. To create a layer between your skin and the silicon bristles of the device. Although the Foreo Luna comes in different ‘skin types, the one I have is for sensitive skin. And the awesome thing about the Foreo Luna 4 is that you can use any cleanser you want, so you can make it custom for what your skin needs at that moment in time. But how do I use the FOREO Luna?

  1. Apply cleanser to damp skin
  2. Press the on button (the first time you have to connect it to the app)
  3. Cleanse the area with light to no pressure in circular motions
  4. When the devices buzzes go to the next area

And that’s as easy as it is. This device lives in my shower and every evening I get it out for my second cleanse. I also divided the areas a little bit differently from what it says on the app.

  1. Left cheek, cheekbone, and jawline (I include my jawline because that’s where I get the most acne)
  2. Right cheek, cheekbone, and jawline
  3. Chin and nose
  4. Forehead left and right temple area

I find that this works for me, but I’d recommend that you try it out and see what works for you! You can also adjust the time spend in each zone in the app and make your cleansing routine completely customizable. Furthermore, you can also adjust the intensity of every zone. As you can hear I can’t rave enough about this device. And I can understand that it’s quite an investment. At least that’s what I thought when I was thinking about my first Foreo Luna. Fortunately, Foreo has a whole range of Luna products in all shapes, sizes, and budgets. They often also have great deals, so I’d recommend keeping an eye out for their website.

Let me know if you tried any of the Foreo devices or maybe already the Foreo Luna 4. I’d love to hear your thoughts and opinions!

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