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foreo ufo 2 review - actually anna

Many moons ago I wrote about the Foreo Luna Mini, my first ever Foreo skincare device. Now, years later I’m writing a Foreo Ufo 2 review + Foreo Luna 3 review blog post. Before I bought my first Foreo Luna mini years ago, I thought long and hard about whether or not I should invest in a product like that. After carefully considering and reading through a lot of reviews I gave it a shot. All the way back in 2017, yes I have my blog already this long, I wrote one of the first blog posts about the luna mini review. Now many years later I’m about to talk to you about the Ufo 2 and Luna 3, crazy isn’t it?! So let’s head into theForeo Ufo 2 review and the Foreo Luna 3 review. I’ve added a table of content, so you can easier find what you’re looking for. Let me know if you like that and I can add it to more future posts!

How does the Foreo Luna 3 work?

Let me start by explaining a bit about the Foreo Luna 3 and how this device works. Foreo is a brand that creates all its beauty devices from hygienic silicone because it’s easy to keep clean and is very durable. The brand wants to change and innovate its products every single time. And I can definitely see the changes the Luna underwent from the first edition Luna I owned previously to the Luna 3 I own right now. The Luna is known for its silicone brush head. Almost all luna skincare and dental care devices have silicone brush heads, except for the Ufo which I’ll tell you more about in a minute. The Luna combines sonic pulsations with facial cleansing brushes that are for all skin types. This is one of the changes they made over the years. The first luna was for every skin type, whereas now they have a luna for each specific skin type. I have one for sensitive skin, but there’s also one for combination skin and normal skin. The dead skin cells are lifted from the skin and then picked up by the brush to remove them. It’s a very gentle way of cleansing your skin and also a nice facial massage in my opinion.

Can I use the Foreo Luna 3 in the shower? And is foreo luna 3 waterproof?

The most awesome thing is that you can use the Luna in the shower, which is where I usually wash my face. You can also use any type of cleanser with the Luna. My personal preference is one that foams, so the cleanser creates a layer between your skin and the device. You can just the frequency pulsations and the time in each zone with the Foreo app. This is another thing they adjusted over the years. The first Luna just had a standardized amount of time per zone, which you couldn’t adjust. There were three different settings in terms of the pulsation frequency, which you could adjust by pressing the button. Now, with the app, you can adjust the time you want to spend cleansing your face per zone as well as the frequency. There are 16 frequencies to choose from?!

Does the Foreo Luna 3 work? Is the Foreo luna good?

I absolutely love the Foreo Luna! As I stated in my last blog post about the Luna first edition it completely changed my skincare game. I love the fact that you don’t have to use any special products, but you can just use your own skincare products with the device. It is an expensive device to purchase, I’ll get into more detail about that down below, but didn’t regret it at all. I feel like I can cleanse my skin more thoroughly without stripping it or aggravating it. I use it at night time in the shower, but also more about that later on in this blog post.

How does Foreo ufo 2 work?

The Ufo is a very snazzy skincare device and quite new to the Foreo collection. To explain it in one sentence: It’s basically a two-minute at-home full facial. The treatment depends on the type of sheet mask you choose, which you can also adjust and customize in the Foreo app. It uses a combination of light therapy and warmth/cryotherapy.

Is Foreo ufo 2 waterproof? And does Foreo ufo 2 work?

The Ufo is waterproof since you can clean it with water. I believe all Foreo devices are waterproof. Although I wouldn’t recommend using it in the shower, since the mask will be drenched and you’ll lose some of the amazing properties of the mask. I use the Ufo once in a while, I try every week, during my pamper session or me-time. Although, I’ve also heard that other people use the Ufo every morning or night during their skincare routine. It’s just what you prefer. And to answer the question if I think the Ufo 2 works? Definitely! During the treatment, you can feel the warmth or cold, depending on what goes with the mask. I feel like it really makes a difference to the treatment and really helps to absorb the ingredients of the masks better. I also see a change in my skin in terms of the effect of the mask. More so than when I use a regular sheet mask. And besides that, it’s also quicker to use. Definitely, a power mask device if you ask me.

foreo foreo 3 review and foreo cleanser - actually anna
Foreo Luna 3

When and how to use the Foreo Luna 3?

I use the Luna 3 every night during my nighttime skincare routine, which starts in the shower. I take off my makeup with a makeup-removing cloth or an oil-based cleanser. After that, I use the Luna with my second cleanser and clean my face while using the Foreo. You can use the Foreo without the app since you only have to press the button on the back. After the program ends it turns itself off automatically. Every time you have to change a zone, your face is divided into 4 individual zones, it buzzes so you know when to change.

Can I use the foreo Luna 3 every day? How to clean foreo luna 3?

You can definitely use the Luna 3 every day, depending on your skin preferences. You could also use the Luna twice a day if you prefer to use it with every face cleanse you do. I find that my skin performs the best when using it at night time, to remove all the dirt collected during the day off my face. Since I use the Luna in the shower I just clean it with some warm water after I used it, but you can also use a bit of soap and warm water. The brush head of the Luna is made from silicone, so there can’t grow any bacteria in the brush head.

Which foreo luna should I get? How to use foreo luna 3 massage?

There are different Luna devices on the market, depending on your budget you can choose which one you want. The Luna and Luna go both have a massaging head on the back, which you can use to massage your serum into your skin. The Luna 3 has a couple of firming massage routines in the app, which you can use with your own skincare products. The back of the Luna 3 has some silicone touchpoints, which help you to massage the serum or eye cream deeper into the skin. The Luna mini doesn’t have the massage head on the back of the Luna. And last but not least the Luna 3 plus also has a thermal feature in the brush head, that can perform thermal treatment while cleansing. This luxurious version of the Luna 3 also has a microcurrent feature on the back, which stimulates the skin with micro currents to make it more firm and plump.

How to charge foreo luna 3? How long does foreo luna 3 last?

You charge the Luna with the charging cable from the box. It’s very easy and straightforward and you don’t have to charge the Luna long before you can use it. Besides that, the battery goes a very long way. I’ve been using the Foreo now for a couple of months and never had to charge it, besides before the first time I used it. Foreo itself states that I charge of the Luna can last you up to 7 months. Depending of course how frequently you use the device.

foreo ufo 2 review and foreo day cleanser - actually anna
Foreo Ufo 2

When and how to use the Foreo Ufo 2?

The Ufo is very intuitive to use, just like the other Foreo devices. When you connect your Ufo to the Foreo app, it will guide you through the options and how to attach the sheet mask to your Ufo 2. In the settings, you can adjust the minimum and maximum temperature you’d like the mask to go to during the treatment. As well as settings on how to use the Ufo without the app. Although I find it a bit tricky since you have to remember in what order you added the mask treatments to your Ufo. As I already mentioned I use the Ufo every now and then, preferably once a week during my pamper routine. However since the treatment is so quick, you can also choose to use it every day. It’s not bad for your skin to use it every day. Although you’ll go through a lot of masks if you use the Ufo every day. This brings me to the next question if you can use the Ufo without the sheet masks?

Can I use Foreo ufo 2 without mask?

As I mentioned, and I’ll go more into detail down below in this blog post, you use the Ufo with a tiny little sheet mask. But you can also use a tissue soaked in your favorite skin care oil or serum. This will definitely do the trick if you don’t want to keep purchasing the separate sheet masks. The app also has a separate setting in which you can choose your temperature, light color, and pulsation frequency. Together with your own serum or face oil, you can completely customize the treatment.

How to charge Foreo ufo 2? And how to clean the Ufo?

Changing is very easy, you just attach the USB charging cable to the Ufo and it’s good to go. It doesn’t take long to change the Ufo and you can see how much battery is left in the app. The charging cable is included in the box, so you don’t have to worry about that. As I already mentioned the Ufo is waterproof, which means you can just put the device under running water. Foreo recommends cleaning the Ufo just with some water after you used it.

How much do the Foreo Ufo 2 and Foreo Luna 3 cost? And where to buy Foreo Ufo 2?

Both the Foreo Ufo 2 and Foreo Luna 3 aren’t cheap skin care devices. Although Foreo has some more affordable alternatives which are the mini versions of both the devices. They come with less customizable features, but I’d always recommend buying one of their more affordable alternatives over a cheap unbranded one. The latter can really damage or aggravate your skin since they aren’t made from the same silicone materials as the real Foreo devices.

The Luna 3* retails for 199 euro/ 196 pound/ 199 dollar and can be bought from their own website from all over the world. But also from Harrods, Douglas, or Sephora. You can also visit the Foreo website to check out all the different Luna devices and their prices. The Ufo 2* retails for 297 euro/ 249 pound/ 279 dollar and can also be bought from their own website. But of course from other retailers e.g. Harrods, Douglas, or Sephora. For the masks and other Ufo devices, you can visit their website.

199 euro / 196 pound /
297 euro / 249 pound /

Foreo Luna 3 (UK retailer)

196 pound

Foreo Ufo 2 (UK retailer)

249 pound

Foreo Luna 3 (NL retailer)

208,87 euro

Foreo Ufo 2 (NL retailer)

292,84 euro

Foreo Luna 3 (US retailer)

199 dollar

Foreo Ufo 2 (US retailer)

279 dollar

Foreo Ufo 2 review and Foreo Luna 3 review

Is Foreo luna 3 worth it? And Is Foreo ufo 2 worth it?

Well, you can probably tell I’m very enthusiastic about both devices as well as Foreo as a brand. I absolutely love these devices and would definitely miss them if I don’t have them with me. So a big “yes” to both questions for me!

I hope you loved reading about the Foreo Ufo 2 review + Foreo Luna 3 review. Let me know if you own any of the Foreo devices and what you think of them!

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