How to get out of the winter blues

winter blues

February is almost finished, but (at least in The Netherlands) spring is still far away! This morning I woke up in basically winter wonder land. So the first think I thought was: “Who ordered snow today?”. I always feel like winter is over when the new year starts. Well … maybe I can deal with winter in January, but when February comes around I want spring to start. Anyone else has this feeling too? For me it takes ages for the spring weather to finally arrive, so today I share my tips and tricks to get out of the winter blues.


Plan something fun that doesn’t include being outside

When it’s very cold outside it always makes me kind of grumpy. I don’t like being cold and I’m cold very quickly. So anything that you can do inside and takes my mind off the cold weather works. For example a nice cosy evening with the girls, watching a movie or having a pamper evening. Or just reading a book with a cup of tea and a cosy blanket are just the things that make me happy during the winter.


Start your spring fashion wish list

Although it might not look like spring outside, fashion brands and high street retailers still bring in their spring collections. So what makes me forget the cold winter weather is scrolling online and making a spring wish list. I’ve already seen some amazing pieces that are on my list and if you can’t resist now is the time that a lot of retailers still have a lot of pieces in the sale.


Get a bouquet of flowers

For some reason in my head flowers are equal to spring/summer, so it’s not a big surprise that bringing a nice bouquet of flowers into your home makes everything so much happier. I feel like a bouquet of flowers makes the room brighter even on a rainy grey day!


Start your “spring” cleaning

It’s never too early to start going through your clothes and clear out your wardrobe! Get all your spring (and maybe even summer clothes) together and decide what you want to keep (and what not). This way you might get some inspiration for new spring outfits and pieces you want to buy. Which you can of course add onto your spring wish list!


I hope these tips will get you out of your winter blues and get you excited for spring to arrive! In my opinion the sooner the better! Let me know what your tips and tricks are to get out of your winter blues in the comments below!


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  1. Bedankt voor de tips. Mijn tip is een winterslaap. Lijkt mij zo heerlijk. Alleen even wakker worden om op wintersport te gaan. Skiën is het enige waar de winter voor bedoeld is.😎😘

  2. These are really great tips! I love this time of the year because Spring seems so much closer. By the time I finish with this list it’ll hopefully be warm enough! Plus, it’ll be great to feel prepared for a season. I’ve never done that before.

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