Hema Skincare Review of the NEW Sensitive skin products

hema skincare review

For the last couple of weeks, I’ve been testing a couple of the new skincare products from Hema, because I want to write a Hema skincare review for you! They released so many new lines and products that I would’ve never been able to test them all. I still only have one face I can test all the products on, so I decided to test the new Hema sensitive line. Ready for my Hema Skincare Review?

hema face wash, hema creme

Hema Face Wash

The line consists of four products, which are all part of a 4 step skincare routine. The first product I’m going to talk about is the Hema Face Wash, the 3 in 1 cleanser*. Because that’s also the one that you put on your face first. This Hema face wash is very easy to use! You just put a pump on your cotton pad (or like I do I use two cotton pads) and you spread the cleanser over your face. Since you don’t have to wash your face with water after using this cleanser, I was afraid that it would clog up my pores. It didn’t do that at all! I’m very impressed by this very affordable yet very good cleanser!

Sensitive Night Cream

Since the next product in the picture is the sensitive night cream I’m going to talk about that one. First of all, I think it’s very good that there both a day and night cream within this range. Your skin has other needs during the day compared to the night. So very good Hema! This cream has a light texture, but you just need the tiniest amount. One pump was already too much for my skin, but I have to admit my face is not that big. The next morning I woke up with a soft and moisturized face!

hema serum, hema calming serum

Sensitive day cream

Going from night cream to the sensitive day cream… I know it might be the wrong way around, but that just depends on where you start: morning routine or night routine. I already talked about the fact that Hema did a separate day and night cream. And I’m only going to emphasize this by saying that the Hema cream has SPF 15.

If you want to include SPF in your moisturizer you need a separate day and night cream, because your skin doesn’t need SPF during the night of course! The texture of the day cream is the same as the one for the night. You also need the tiniest amount of the day cream too! I don’t think I even need to say it anymore, but I love the day cream too. It’s moisturizing and doesn’t clog up my pores at all! And last but not least it also sits well underneath makeup!

Hema Calming Serum

The last product in this range is the Sensitive Calming Serum. I used this Hema calming serum mostly in the evening to calm down my skin overnight. This serum really does what the name suggests. It’s a nice thin serum that really skins into your skin very quickly. I like the fact that after putting on the serum and the Hema cream, it doesn’t feel like you have a lot of layers on your face. It really feels nice and fresh on your skin!

The Hema Skincare review

I hope you loved reading about this Hema skincare review! As you can tell I’m very enthusiastic about the new skincare line from Hema! The Hema calming serum is my favorite Hema serum as is the Hema face wash. And I love the fact that they split the Hema creme into a day and a night version. It’s such an affordable skincare line, but it performs very well! I think for the price these products are amazing! Maybe you also like to read about my skincare empties? Let me know if you tried them in the comments below!

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