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holland and barrett shampoo bar - actually anna

Over the last year, the shampoo bar has increased massively in popularity. One of my favorite shops Holland and Barrett also adopted this trend very quickly by stocking shampoo bars. Now they’ve launched their own holland and Barrett shampoo bar. And not only that they also have many more zero-waste products to try from their own brand. You might have seen other posts about zero waste shampoo products on my blog and Instagram page. So I think I can kind of call myself an expert in this area already.

Holland and Barrett

They are originally from the UK and their mother company bought De Tuinen back in 2017. The stores that previously went by the name De Tuinen here in the Netherlands are now all called Holland and Barrett. They stock many things from tea tree shampoo, pre-workout powders, vitamins, and organic food products. They also stock one of my favorite brands Weleda, so you now know where to buy my favorite body wash! With your Holland and Barrett purchases, you can save up for store account rewards, which usually are a discount on your next purchase. All of the Holland and Barrett products are natural, cruelty-free and a lot of the products are vegan or clean products. As I mentioned they have a variety of products, but when we zoom into the beauty category there are a couple of new products I’d like to focus on today.

Zero waste products

In the last couple of years, I’ve noticed that Holland and Barrett stock more and more zero-waste products. 2021 was the year of the beauty bar if you ask me. They stock beauty bars from Balade en Provance, Ethique, which are both amazing stocking fillers. And now they also have their own brand’s hair and face products in beauty bar editions.

holland and barrett shampoo bar, conditioner bar and charcoal face bar - actually anna
The Holland and Barrett Shampoo bar can be found in Holland and Barrett(NL)* for 8,99 euros. The Conditioner bar retails for 9,99 euros and can be found at Holland and Barrett(NL)*. The Charcoal Face bar can also be found at Holland and Barrett (NL)* and retails for 8,99 euros. And last but not least the Aleppo Soap bar can also be found at Holland and Barrett (NL)* and retails for 5,25 euros.

Holland and Barrett Shampoo and Conditioner bars

I’ve tried some beauty bars over this last year and I think I exactly know what I like and don’t like about a beauty bar. For me, it’s important that it keeps its shape, especially when it’s wet and I try to get the shampoo into my hair. It also helps for the longevity of the bar that it keeps its shape! The new holland and Barrett shampoo bar is amazing, I absolutely love it. It keeps its shape and does what it needs to do, which is clean my hair.

Now for the conditioner bar, I wasn’t so sure about it. I’ve never tried a conditioner bar before and to be honest I was the littlest skeptical on how a conditioner bar could make my hair feel soft. The conditioner bar is a very compact bar and I was honestly very surprised with the result. It took me a while to figure out how to use it – more about that later – but once I did I was really convinced with the quality of the conditioner bar.

How do you use a shampoo bar?

I’ve tried many methods. At first, I really liked to rub the shampoo bar into my hands and then massage the shampoo into my hair. Lately, I’ve switched to massaging the shampoo bar directly on your hair in all places I want the shampoo to go. Once it made enough foam I massage it into my hair as you do with normal shampoo. I find that the latter works best, but you can decide on your own method.

How do you use a conditioner bar?

As I mentioned in the last paragraph I struggled a little to find out the best way to apply and use the conditioner bar. In the end, what works best for me is just to apply the conditioner directly from the bar onto the ends of my hair until I can see that the product is on my hair. This bar doesn’t really foam, so it’s quite hard to see. Then I leave it a couple of minutes to do its magic and rinse my hair. Et voila!

Holland and Barrett charcoal face bar

Holland and Barrett also released facial cleansing bars and like with the conditioner bars I was a bit skeptical. I’ve used cleansing bars before, but they didn’t really foam. With my Foreo luna, I need the cleanser to foam and provide that barrier between my skin and the Luna. I was pleasantly surprised with this cleansing bar because it foams like crazy! The charcoal helps my skin to be less clogged and my skin looks a lot clearer and more even whenever I use this cleanser. I’m very happy that I discovered this bar because my skin looks amazing!

How to use a cleanser bar?

I wet my face and the bar. After that, I apply the product directly from the bar onto my face with circular motions. Then I wet my Foreo Luna and just use the device according to the manual. When I use the Foreo with this cleanser it really foams up, which is amazing! I think when you use your hands to massage the cleanser on your skin it will foam up as well. And after the Luna is done I just rinse my face.

Holland and Barrett Soap Bar

This soap bar doesn’t need a manual to use. We’ve used soap bars for ages now and this one is no different to the rest. It smells amazing and is really nourishing for the skin. This soap bar is Aleppo soap made with olive oil, which my skin absolutely loved. I talked more in detail about Aleppo soap in my Douglas Clean beauty department blog post. Aleppo soap is one of the oldest soap recipes from Aleppo and becomes more and more popular here in Europe. I’ve seen many brands stock this type of soap and I have to say I love it!

Have you ever tried one of these products or maybe other zero waste beauty products? Let me know in the comments below!

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