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I feel like when there’s a lot of change in your life and you completely lost the overview it’s hard to deal with all the things that are changing. For me things are changing quite a bit at the moment. I’ve just heard that I graduated, since I passed my last course. And I’m going to start my real ‘adult job’ the 2nd of July. Which is in about 2 weeks… I know! So things are changing and also in quite a high speed. For me this is the time when I tend to lose the overview and get stressed out about all the things I (think I) need to do. That’s why I thought it was time to share with you the things I do when this happens. Maybe it will help you too and don’t hesitate to share your tips & tricks in the comments down below!


Write down lists

When I tend to lose overview about everything. Well that’s usually what I think is happening, but it’s not actually happening… I help myself and create some headspace by writing down the things I need to do or that are important to do. Usually I make this list in the morning. I try to not make it seem like a to do list, but just write down the things that I need to remember.


Use your diary

Try to put all your appointments in your diary and make it a habit to look into your diary every morning. Or just before your day starts. I find that the biggest amount of energy goes to remembering what I need to do and what I need to not forget. By writing lists and writing my appointments down in my diary I don’t have to keep remembering what I need to remember. Even typing this makes my head spin already…


Plan time to relax

When I write all my appointments down in my diary I also try to plan time to relax. Even when it’s just watching a movie with my boyfriend or going into town to go shopping. Just plan activities where you can relax and spend some me time. Even when things are really busy and you’re really stressed, me time is always important to keep your body and mind healthy.


Talk to other people

I find that the scariest thing about change is the unknown. Though, lot’s of other people have (in my case) graduated and started their adult job. So talking to people about this and how they’ve experienced it is really important. This could make the unknown a little bit more known. If you know what I mean.


Don’t be shy to ask for advice

And when you’re already asking other people to share their experience on the change that you’re going through, ask them for advice as well. Even if it’s just a question like: “How did you prepare for your first day at work?” or “What was it like to know that you’re not going to be a student anymore?” I’m sure that they’d be happy to share their thoughts with you and this could make the unknown less scary for you!


Let’s share all our tips & tricks on change in your life down in the comments below and help each other! I’d love to know how you experienced not being a student anymore and how you prepared for your first day at work!


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Heel veel succes met het”nieuwe hoofdstuk” in je leven 👍✊😘


Dankjewel 🙂 🙂
xoxo Annaleid


Congratulations on graduating!

Really enjoyed reading this, because coping with change I think is a universal struggle. I remember once when there was so much going on and it was all a little too heavy, the best advice I was ever given was “take each day as it comes”.

Sounds really simple but rather than focusing on everything that’s happening all at once, you take what goes on each day and handle it individually. It made it bite size and easier to manage.

Great read and thanks for sharing!

Laura ☆

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