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I think you can relate to me when I say we all have that one day where you can’t let go of the frustration you have. No matter how hard you try every time you think about that particular situation you get frustrated over and over again. I thought I’d share the things I do when I feel like this and I hope it will help you to let go these feelings of frustration. The first thing that might help is looking at my feature picture at the beginning of this post. My sister actually made this when she was on holiday in Greece. This already makes me less frustrated.


Release the anger

So when it comes to the things that frustrate me anger is always part of my frustration. I get really frustrated when I feel like things are unreasonably unfair. When situations like this happen I get quite angry within myself and whenever I think of the situation again the feeling of anger arises again and again. For me it helps to realise that this is just something that makes me angry. Besides that I try to release my anger through something, which could be playing the piano or cleaning the house. Just anything that could get rid of the negative energy within me.

Control what you can control

It also really helps me to think about the things I can control in this unreasonably unfair situation and try to change the things I can control. It makes me feel like I’m doing something instead of sitting and being angry at the situation. It’s also calming my mind, since I actually try to change the situation. Though, only try to change the situation within the things you can control. If you try to change things you can’t control, you might end up with even more frustration. This brings me onto my next tip…


Let go what you can’t control

If there are aspects within a certain situation you can’t control, try to let them go (how unfair they might be). This is really difficult, but as I said earlier trying to change these things could even make you more frustrated. Try to think about the things you can control and focus on trying to change these. This will also make you ‘forget’ the things you can’t control.


Keep your mind busy

Talking about ‘forgetting’ the things you can’t control, which are probably the things that make you feel most frustrated about the whole situation. Try to keep your mind busy with something else, so it physically can’t think about the things that make you feel angry of frustrated. I try to do this usually with something physical like cleaning my house or going to the gym (when I’m really angry at something). Or I try to keep my mind busy with something like playing the piano.


Talk about it

For me the thing that helps the most is talk about it with someone. Express your frustration, why you feel angry or helpless within the whole situation. If someone can relate to you, you could ‘share’ the frustrating feeling together. This could also help you feel less frustrated.


I hope these tips and tricks could help you in a situation where you feel frustrated, angry or helpless. And one final tip write down your frustrations (or write a blogpost about it). It’s really helping me at the moment! If you have any other tips and tricks on how to deal with frustration, angry or helpless feelings, write it down in the comments below. You might help someone else too!


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  1. After a long, hard day this was something I definitely needed to read today! You’ve shared some great tips, I love going for a long walk/run when I’m frustrated to take my mind off things but I’m always open to new ideas!

    Jess //

    1. Ahw your welcome! 🙂 If you have some tips yourself don’t hesitate to share them!
      xoxo Annaleid

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