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how to prevent mascne with louis widmer - actually anna

How to prevent mascne? Since we’ve been wearing face masks a lot in public areas there is a new problem called: mascne. If you’re not sure what it means, it’s acne you get from wearing a face mask. How many times you wash your masks and desensitize them, if you’re prone to acne you’re likely to get mascne too. In this blog post I’d like to share with you four products from Louis Widmer that can help you prevent mascne. These are not acne-specific products, for those products you need to go to my Louis Widmer acne care blogpost. The Louis Widmer skin care products in this post are very beautiful, vegan, and hydrating products that you can use to cleanse and exfoliate your skin. So let’s get on to how to prevent mascne!

Louis Widmer Cleansing Milk - Actually Anna
Cleansing Milk (US) // Cleansing Milk (UK)

How to prevent maskne?

Louis widmer cleanser

First of all let’s talk about the Louis Widmer Cleansing Milk*, which is a beautiful light and hydrating cleansing milk. I use this one in the morning after I splashed some lukewarm water on my face. The creme is not too thick which makes it very easy to spread it over your face with a cotton pad. It leaves my skin feeling fresh and clean, without stripping it or making it feel very dry. Just as all the other products in this blogpost, this Louis Widmer Cleanser is vegan.

louis widmer toner - actually anna
Toner (US)* // Toner (UK)* // Toner (NL)*

A non-alcoholic toner

I think this is one of the few non-alcoholic toners* I’ve come across since I’ve started blogging. There are a few from the top of my head and this is one of them. The Louis Widmer toner is a beautiful lightweight toner, that doesn’t strip down your skin after applying it. At the moment my skin is really dry, which makes this toner an absolute lifesaver. It has a slight scent, which reminded me of roses. I don’t know if I’m making this up, the website stated that rose isn’t an ingredient in this toner. Maybe it’s because of the pink packaging… Although it has a slight scent I don’t find it very distracting or anything. And after applying the product to your face I don’t notice the scent anymore. I use this product after I used the Louis Widmer Cleanser in the morning and also in the evening when I use another type of cleanser in the shower. If you’re suffering from dry skin it’s good to use a non-alcoholic toner. If you’re also suffering from dry skin on your body check out the Louis Widmer Remederm post!

Louis Widmer Skin Care Facial Scrub

Another product in the Louis Widmer skin care range is the Louis Widmer Face Peeling. This peeling is, again, completely vegan and has biodegradable peeling granulates. The scrub particles are also not that big, which makes it a very nice and not too harsh face scrub. This product is also lightly scented, which I think is quite nice. But again the scent is not too overpowering. The scrub makes your skin feeling nice and clean after using it. I use it a couple of times a week in the shower before my evening cleanser and after taking off my makeup. This way I feel like it’s kind of a deep cleanse in the areas that my pores are likely to clog.

Louis Widmer Make Up Remover

And last but certainly not least the Louis Widmer Make up Remover. Taking off your makeup at night or at the end of your day is the most important thing you can do to prevent acne. This Louis Widmer make up remover is made for the sensitive eye area and is a very gentle makeup remover. This one is also made for waterproof makeup, which to be honest I never wear. If you want you can also use this makeup remover on your whole face, which is something I often do.

Louis Widmer Review

These products are perfect if you are starting to create your skincare routine. Of course, there are many more products in the Louis Widmer skin care range, but these gentle, hydrating cleansers are made for every skin type. They are also quite affordable and completely vegan, which is also very important in my opinion. The Louis Widmer cleanser is a perfect way to start your morning routine and the Louis Widmer make up remover perfect to start your nighttime routine. And of course my answer to the question: how to prevent mascne!

I hope you loved reading this Louis Widmer review, and know how to prevent mascne. Let me know in the comments below if you’ve tried any of their products and leave your own Louis Widmer review. The Louis Widmer products are available at selected resellers, which you can find via this link.

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