How to style the new Daniel Wellington Accessories

I don’t know if you saw it already on the Daniel Wellington website, but last month they launched new accessories! I’m so excited to show you the new Daniel Wellington rings! I’m going to tell you my experience with ordering the size and I’m going to show you how I style these rings all together! Also don’t forget to check out the end of the post for a 15% discount code on the entire collection! So let’s get started with telling you something about the rings.

The new Daniel Wellington Rings

The new rings are in the same style as their bracelets. They are actually mini versions of them, which I think is super cute! The rings are made of very sturdy material. Although I usually like very dainty jewellery, I think these rings also suite me very well! They are also suitable for both men and women!

Choosing the size

On the website you can find the size guide of the rings. I chose to measure my ring size by using the special measuring tape. I was debating on ordering the 58mm or 56mm. In the end I chose to order the 58mm, because I didn’t wanted to risk the fact that the ring wouldn’t fit. I think I could have chosen a smaller size, because this one fits better around my middle finger compared to my ring finger. However with the warmer weather coming up I think it might also fit around my ring finger. So maybe next time I’ll order a 56, so it fits a bit better around my ring finger.

Styling the new rings

In the picture I styled these rings together on one hand with the matching classic bracelet. You could also style them with one of the Daniel Wellington watches. Besides that I also love to wear one ring on one hand and the other on the other hand. Today I also wore them in combination with other – more dainty – rings that I have. And the combination looked absolutely amazing!

I already told you in the beginning of this post that I have a surprise for you! If you use the code “actuallyanna” you can now get 15% discount on the entire Daniel Wellington collection! Go to their website and use my code to get your Daniel Wellington collection started!


Hele mooie sieraden 👍😘


Omg I was JUST looking at getting some of these! They look great, thanks for the styling tips 🙂

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