How to style vegan unisex sneakers?

How to style vegan unisex sneakers?

Right before the Christmas holidays I attended a store opening in Amsterdam. Muroexe opened their first store in the Netherlands! Of course you know I like my high heels and heeled ankle boots, but also I need to be comfy sometimes. And let me tell you these shoes are very, very, very comfy! Besides the fact that they are very comfy these shoes are also vegan. So if you want to know more about these shoes and how I style them keep on reading!

Muroexe vegan shoes

So before I went to the store opening I didn’t know this brand at all, but I’m always open to get to know different brands. Especially when they are good for the environment, which in this case means that all Muroexe shoes are vegan. The cool thing is that their entire collection is unisex and has a very minimalistic look. When I was visiting London Fashion Week I already noticed that unisex clothing was going to be a trend! Although they don’t use real leather the shoes have different finishes which look like suede and leather. This is one of the first vegan shoe brands I’ve tried and I think they do an amazing job. Also good to note is that their shoes aren’t a lot more expensive compared to other shoe brands.

Besides the fact that their shoes are vegan you might expect only sneakers. Well not really they have shoes for almost all occasions. Their collection currently includes vegan trainers, vegan sneakers, vegan dress shoes and even boots! If that isn’t enough Muroexe also takes project every month from people that want to design their own pair of shoes.

How I style vegan sneakers!

As you might know I love my high heels, but I also like to be comfy and casual. First of all let me tell you that these shoes are so comfy to wear. They have little cushions inside which make them so so so comfy! Because these sneakers are a quite casual I decided to style it with a slim fit jeans from Costes Mila Jeans. Together with an old oversized grey cable knit jumper from Forever 21 this makes my perfect casual outfit! And the watch bracelet combination from Daniel Wellington* really complete this look.
Did you also know that Muroexe doesn’t only sell shoes, but also accessories like wallets and bags!?

So I hope you loved hearing about this (for me) new shoe brand Muroexe. Let me know if you have ever heard about this brand and what other vegan shoes brands you know!

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