How to switch to zero waste makeup brands?

Inika makeup, zero waste makeup brands

In my last post about zero waste skincare brands, I talked about all kinds of brands I’ve tried over the years that are sustainable skincare brands. In this post, I would like to write part two and talk about zero waste makeup brands and more sustainable makeup brands. This way you get a nice overview of the zero waste makeup brands I’ve tried and loved, which are very easy to switch to from the brands you used to use. I am going to talk you through my 5 best zero waste makeup brands, are you ready?

zero waste makeup brands

Inika makeup, zero waste makeup brands


Last year I came into contact with the brand Inika and I absolutely love this brand. I still use their products every day and they are expanding their product line quickly as well. One of my favorite products is the Inika foundation with hyaluronic acid and the Inika Pure Primer. They even brought out some skincare products, so lot’s to discover with this vegan-friendly makeup brand! This year I even wrote a blogpost about the Inika advent calendar including all the products inside the calendar. Their products have a lot of certifications, which you can read about in this blogpost. They are definitely a makeup brand striving to produce the most eco-friendly makeup products.

Weleda tinted lip balm, weleda makeup

Weleda makeup

You might think, hu Weleda, they don’t sell makeup right?! Well, surprise there is some Weleda makeup out there. A while ago Weleda launched their Weleda tinted lip balm in three different shades. As you can see in the picture I opted for the Weleda lip balm berry red. And they also have a Weleda Beauty Balm in their collection. You can read more about my first impressions in my blog post about these products. I’m not sure if Weleda will launch some more makeup products besides their collection of sustainable skincare, but in the meantime, you can see what you think of these ones.

clean beauty douglas, benecos cosmetics

Benecos Cosmetics

Benecos Cosmetics is a brand I recently discovered in a post I did about the Douglas clean beauty department. I tried out their Benecos natural compact powder, which is absolutely amazing! This powder is so finely milled, which is perfect for dry skin. Well, any skin type I think, but especially for dry skin. Benecos Cosmetics is a brand that had a lot of different makeup products. Although their packaging is plastic they only use natural ingredients in their makeup products and they offer it at an affordable price point. They even have a list of products on their website that are completely vegan!

douglas clean beauty, light reflecting concealer dr hauschka

dr hauschka makeup

Another brand I discovered through writing about the Douglas Clean Beauty Department was Dr. Hauschka. Since that post, I’ve also unboxed the Dr. Hauschka Advent Calendar on my Youtube Channel, so I have a lot more products to try. Dr. Hauschka Makeup wise I tried the light reflecting concealer Dr. Hauschka and I absolutely loved it. Of course, I already tried a lot of Dr. Hauschka products in-store on my hands over the years. They are a brand that also uses natural ingredients in their products.

Emani makeup

Emani makeup

Emani Cosmetics was actually the first vegan makeup brand I tried for my blog. If you want to laugh head over to the blog post I wrote about Emani Vegan Cosmetics many moons ago. I tried a lot of their products and one of my favorite products include the Emani Primer. Now they have two primers, the one I was using back then was the Emani perfect 10 primer serum. Such an amazing product!

The Emani Concealer and Emani Foundation were also amongst my favorite products! During the Beauty Trade Festival back in 2017 I even had the opportunity to interview the CEO and founder of Emani Vegan Cosmetics, Michelle Doan. As the name suggests Emani is a Vegan makeup brand, which I think is amazing!

I really hoped you loved reading about the zero waste makeup brands and sustainable makeup brands I would recommend checking out if you’re thinking about switching to more sustainable and zero waste makeup brands! Which one would you like to try?

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