How to switch to zero waste makeup brands?

Beauty Kitchen Abyssinian Oil Zero Waste Gift set including cleanser, moisturiser, face mask and face oil

A couple of weeks ago a friend of mine messaged me with a question that inspired me to write this blogpost. She wanted to switch to more sustainable beauty products and she was wondering if I knew some brands that she could try out. I’ve wrote many posts about more sustainable makeup brands, but never a post that you could use a a guide. So inspired by the question that my friend asked me, here’s the answer to her question. And don’t worry, I’m not only going to talk about zero waste makeup brands!

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Of course I don’t think you’re surprised that I mention Weleda. During my time as an ambassador I had the privilege to try out a lot of their products. If you’re thinking about switching to a more sustainable brand for your beauty routines this is a good all round brand. They have everything from shower gels to shampoos and from face products to body butters. They are also on the more affordable side of the spectrum and available worldwide.

Beauty Kitchen

If you are more leaning towards sustainable body and face care, Beauty Kitchen is one of the brands I’d recommend. They are currently available in Holland and Barrett in the Netherlands. Beauty Kitchen is a zero waste brand with eco friendly cosmetic packaging. They have products ranging from face care to body, hand and lip-care. One of the cool things about this brand is that you can bring your send your empty packaging back to them, so they can recycle it!

New Vegan Organic Solid Body Soap Bars from Balade en Provance

Balade en Provence

Balade en Provence is a beautiful French brand that completely focusses on zero waste products. One of their staple products are their zero waste shampoo and zero waste shaving bar. I’ve reviewed their products in a blogpost a while ago and I’m still so impressed by the quality of their products. They are also constantly expanding their product line, so keep an eye out on their website!

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Besides talking about skincare, body care, SPF and more care products, I can imagine that you’re also looking for a more sustainable option for makeup. Last year I came into contact with the brand Inika and I absolutely love this brand. I still use their products every day and they are expanding their product line quickly as well. They even brought out some skin care products, so lot’s to discover with this vegan friendly makeup brand!

So I hope you enjoyed reading this post. I’ll definitely write a part 2 soon, since I had way more brand I wanted to talk about. But this post definitely became too long if i mentioned all the brand in this one post. I’ll also talk about more zero waste makeup brands in the next post! So stay tuned for a part 2 and in the mean time let me know your favourite more sustainable beauty brands!

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