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Last year in June I wrote my first post about Jake food, which was also the first time I tried their products. I got very excited when they announced new products and flavors at the end of last year. So here’s another post about Jake food, where I focus on the moments I use Jake.


Liquid Meals

First I think it’s important to tell you that I use their Sports shake. I’m quite an active person and practice gymnastics quite a lot of hours during the week. Besides that I’m lactose intolerant and also have an allergy for tree nuts. This is the reason why I chose Sports over Original or Light. I tend to use about 1/3 of Jake liquid meals after a workout to recover quicker and refuel my body. This liquid meal, compared to a normal protein shake, really fills me up and also makes me less hungry.


Liquid meals


New flavours

At the end of last year Jake Food launched two new flavours of their liquid meals. Now they have their original flavour Oaty Vanille and two new flavours Forest Fruit and Banana. I was really excited to try these new flavours and I have to say I prefer the Banana flavour. I tend to like less sweet flavors, when it comes to flavoured food. And maybe I just like banana over vanilla and forest fruit.




Jake food also launched a new product at the end of last year: the Vitaminbar. The Vitaminbar is designed to have a healthy yet quick snack for on the go or you could use it as a light breakfast. The bar contains about 19 grams of protein, which is a lot for a vegan bar. The main ingredients are oats, peas and rice, but it also contains vitamins and minerals. This is why it makes a perfect light breakfast or quick snack when you feel peckish around 4pm. The Vitaminbar comes in two flavors: Banana and Forest Fruit. It might not surprise you that I prefer the Banana bar slightly over the Forest Fruit. I tend to use these Vitaminbars as a quick and healthy snack on the go. It’s really easy to just pop a bar in your bag before you leave in the morning. Knowing you always have a healthy snack with you, when you are feeling hungry between meals.


Did you already try Jake food liquid meals or the Vitaminbars? And what is your favorite way to use their products?


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