May exciting new discoveries

May, Exciting, Discoveries

It’s the beginning of June, which means it’s time for another monthly Exciting new discoveries. This month I’ve been very focussed on university, which means that I haven’t had a lot of time to try out new products. That said, I recently went to the hairdressers to cut en dye my hair. This also got me into discovering more hair products, which I’ll tell you about in a minute. If you want a closer look on my recent hair change go and have a scroll around on my instagram! So without me rambling on and on… let’s start with the discoveries.


May, Exciting, Discoveries


Hair products

As I’ve already mentioned above I’ve recently cut and dyed my hair. The color I initially went for was very blond, but after two weeks this became yellow. So I went back to my hairdressers and fixed the color for me, without me paying a lot of money. I would highly recommend Studio Friendshair, since they’re alway very friendly and their service is amazing! The color I currently have in my hair is more of an ice blond. Therefore, (as well as with the ‘old’ color) I need to wash it frequently with purple shampoo. The Indola Pink Shampoo from their new Blond Addict range is absolutely amazing! Usually the purple shampoo’s aren’t cleaning your hair. They need to be used after your cleaning shampoo, just to keep your hair nice and blond. This shampoo doesn’t need to be used after your cleaning shampoo, because it does the job as well. The product doesn’t irritate my scalp, which is quite a miracle. And it’s very friendly for my hair too!


May, Exciting, Discoveries


The other product I’ve discovered is the L’oreal Paris Stylista The blowdry cream. I’ve bought this, because it’s both a styling cream and protects my hair from the heath if I decided to put heat on my hair to style it. Usually I only blowdry my hair with a hairdryer or just let it air dry. Even when I don’t do anything with my hair at all this makes it very smooth. Besides that it get’s a very beautiful shine and looks very healthy.



And last but certainly not least a makeup product. This couldn’t be a discoveries post without featuring a new makeup product. Ever since I filmed my Primark makeup testing video I fell in love with the bronze Highlighting stick. The color looks very scary in the packaging, but when you apply it to your face it’s actually very sheer. It also doesn’t contain a large amount of glitter, which makes your skin looking healthy, tanned and glowy. This to me is everything I need in a bronzer during the summer.


I hope you enjoyed reading about my exciting new discoveries during May. Keep an eye out on my blog, because I’ve ordered some new L’oreal makeup from their new summer collection. You can also expect content according to my old schedule again: Wednesday, Friday (Youtube), Sunday, since university is coming to an end and I have more time (and headspace) to make content for you! Let me know in the comments if you’d like to see anything specific!

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