My perfect Galentinesday !


It’s the 14th of February, which means it’s Valentines day. Though, this is a fun day if you have a boyfriend or girlfriend if you’re single this might not be the case. Last year I wrote a blogpost about how to survive Valentines day when you’re single. So this year I thought I would describe my perfect girls (or guys) night in on Galentines day.


Pamper night with the girls

A pamper night with the girls where we all paint our nails and have a face mask would be one of my perfect girls night in. This way you won’t think about you being single and you have a great night with all your girlfriends.


Movie night

A movie night with the girls (or guys) is also a perfect way to spend valentines day. Also if it isn’t valentines day a movie night is a perfect way to spend a night with friends.


Pizza party

My third way of spending Valentines day with friend is of course a pizza party. This is quite obvious, but it’s one of my favourite ways to spend a night in with friends.


What’s your favourite way to spend Valentines day with friends?


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thank you 😛
xoxo Annaleid


OMG what is Valentines Day with no pizza and wine! Seriously it’s life goals.

Candice |


I know right!!
xoxo Annaleid

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