New best Weleda products? Weleda Sheer hydration collection!

best weleda products

Weleda just launched a new product line: the Weleda sheer hydration collection. Are they the best Weleda products I’ve tried? I’ve tried so many of their products, I completely lost count. But I have to say a bit of Arnica Bath Oil in my bath after a workout is amazing! You’ll learn all about it in this blog post!

Weleda sheer hydration

When I heard about this new Weleda Sheer hydration launch I was immediately so excited to try it. This Sheer hydration collection includes 4 new Weleda products that moisturize your face for 24-hours. The Weleda sheer hydration range is infused with prickly pear cactus, as well as essential oils of green mandarin, peppermint, and palmarosa. This Sheer hydration collection is not only for dry skin, but you can also use it if you have normal skin.

Weleda sheer hydration moisture mist

The first product inside this new Sheer Hydration collection is the Weleda Sheer Hydration moisture mist. This face mist is a very fine mist that completely rehydrates the face after applying it. You can use it before you put on the moisturizer or afterward. I also used it as a primer before I applied my foundation to make sure my skin was nicely hydrated. And the last application method I used is after my makeup as a setting spray or just during the day when my makeup looks a bit dry.

Weleda face cream

Within the Weleda sheer hydration collection, there are two different Weleda face creams. The Sheer hydration daily creme, which has a thicker consistency. It is the cream on the right in the right-hand picture and personally use this one as a Weleda hydrating night cream. Whereas the other one, the Sheer hydration daily dew lotion, has a more gel-like consistency. I use this one as a Weleda face cream during the day. The consistency of this one is shown on the left side of the right-hand picture.

Weleda eye cream

Last but certainly not least there is a Weleda eye cream in the Weleda Sheer hydration range. It has a gel-like consistency and a rollerball application, which is amazing! The rollerball is super cold when you apply the eye cream, which is amazing in the morning if you have puffy under eyes. When you apply it, the applicator and the eye cream make it feel like a little undereye massage.

Best Weleda products?

I think the new Weleda Sheer Hydration collection could be with my best Weleda products! They are very good for sensitive skin because they don’t clog your pores yet they are very moisturizing. Since I have dry skin I think I prefer the Sheer hydration daily creme, which I referred to as the Weleda hydrating night cream, for both day and night. Especially right now during the colder months. The eye cream is absolutely amazing and is within my top eye creams! This is not only due to the consistency of the cream but also due to the rollerball applicator. And the hydrating mist is just a very versatile product, which is very useful!

Have you already tried these products? Let me know in the comments below. If you are interested in Weleda I also wrote a post about the favorite Weleda Winter products and the Weleda City Spa Amsterdam!

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  1. Leontien Bakker
    December 25, 2020 / 10:03 am

    De oogcreme lijkt mij interessant 😘

    • January 17, 2021 / 6:38 pm

      Hij is heel fijn en verkoelend 🙂

      xoxo Annaleid

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